Cardio Juvenate Plus Testimonials and Reviews

I have been taking Cardio~Juvenate+ for 10 months now, and it has been a miracle in my life. I had heart trouble that started in 2001, I had high blood pressure that was running in the 180’s over 90’s. Since I’ve been taking Cardio~Juvenate+ my blood pressure has come down to normal… down to 123/73 most of the time, and I’m doing that without the blood pressure medication that destroyed my kidneys. I was on that for 5 years, and I’m completely off of that and I’m so grateful for what Cardio~Juvenate+ has done. I’ve been a hair dresser for 57 years and I’m working now mornings and have more energy. I’m so grateful that my grandson introduced me to Cardio~Juvenate+ when I was having so many problems. I would recommend it highly to anyone who has high blood pressure, has heart trouble, or kidney problems. My kidneys are better now since I have been taking this product, and I just recommend it highly to anyone who needs to have their health brought back to normal without taking any medications. I’m so grateful!

~Shirley F, Tempe AZ
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I originally purchased Cardio~Juvenate+ because there is a history of heart disease in my family. All of my relatives have had several heart attacks before they passed away, I’ve had high cholesterol since I was very young. Although I’ve eaten right, have had a good diet, am healthy and I work out, I continue to be told that I have very high cholesterol. So the original reason that I bought Cardio~Juvenate+ was for my high cholesterol. One of the amazing benefits that I’ve seen from it is my workouts at the gym have increased and have been so much better. I have a heart rate monitor and whenever I’m in Cycle class, which I take about two to three times a week, the instructor is always saying “you should be in this zone or in this zone”. So I was constantly checking my monitor and I was never in the zone. It was really disappointing and I could never figure out why I wasn’t in the zone. About three days into taking Cardio~Juvenate+ I was in a cycle class and it was amazing, all of a sudden… in the zone! Every time, in the zone! I was like “Yaaaay, I hit the zone!”. Then I thought well maybe this was just an easy bike. Nope. The next cycle class it was the same result. I started recovering more quickly. My husband and I hike once a week at South Mountain. He’s always beat me up and he’s always beat me down… now I’m beating him! He’s in the dust, and I’m running up to the top and I can get to the next place before him. So it has really increased my cardio health, my ability to recover, and to go on to the next level. I’m absolutely thrilled with it!

~Deena H, Phoenix AZ
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I want to talk about what Cardio~Juvenate+ did for my mom. She comes from a background of heart disease, stroke, heart failure… just lots of bad, poor medical history in the family. Recently she’d been having heart complications. She’s been going in and getting echocardiograms and stress tests done. Her echocardiogram came back with a really poor result, which usually means that you need a stent. After that I convinced her to start taking Cardio~Juvenate+. So she started taking it, and she’s only been taking one scoop a day. When she went in for her next appointment to recheck things on her echocardiogram, it came back indicating that she didn’t need a stent, which is just truly amazing. So thanks to Cardio~Juvenate+ my mom no longer needs a stent! Thank you Cardio~Juveante!

~Hannah N, Tempe AZ
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It is a pleasure to provide some first hand testimony and observations about the benefits of Cardio~Juvenate+. Personally, since I have been taking the product for about a month and a half, I have felt renewed energy. As a matter of fact this morning I played a full round of golf. About two months ago I would be tired by the 14th hole and by the time I finished I would have no energy. I to say the least, I wouldn’t be speaking about this product without the renewed energy that I have felt. The other thing that it does, particular for me, is that I have felt a toning up of the muscles and I don’t need to work out that much, I just work out minimally on dumbells, and it has had a profound effect on how I feel and how I look. What has transpired for my wife is just astounding. She had suffered from stomach illnesses, sore joints, an inability to sleep at night, and after a month and a half of Cardio~Juvenate+ her joints no longer hurt, her stomach ailments have for all intents and purposes disappeared, and she is sleeping 7 hours a night and wakes up renewed and has enough energy to continue doing all sorts of work and projects.

~Dr. John Cordova, Gilbert AZ
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I started drinking Cardio~Juvenate+ because as I entered my 40’s I realized that with some history of heart disease, stroke, and cancer in my family it was time that I started thinking about MY cardiovascular health. Before I started drinking Cardio~Juvenate+ I had some base testing done just to put a stake in the ground as to where I was at with my health. Generally, I was healthy… but there were two things that caught my attention. First, a CT scan of my chest revealed twelve small nodules in my lungs that landed me an appointment with a pulmonologist. Secondly, a measure of my CASP and iRA scores revealed that at age 43 I in fact had the arteries of an 80 year old man! Shortly after I started drinking Cardio~Juvenate+ I noticed an increase in my energy levels and an ability to get through the day without feeling like I needed a nap. I’ve also suffered with hemorrhoids for years and usually reach for Prep-H when I get them. After a few weeks of taking Cardio~Juvenate+, they completely disappeared and have not returned! Three months later, I repeated the CT scan of my chest and all but one of those nodules are now GONE! Recently, I repeated the CASP and iRA scores and they are each 20 points and 17 points LOWER than before, indicating that the “relative age” of my arteries is now that of a man in his late 30’s … and I’m now 44! I’m so pleased with the results of this product.

~Stan W, Phoenix AZ
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I started using Cardio~Juvenate about a month ago. The first thing that I noticed is that I had a lot of energy. The other thing that I noticed is that I could actually go through the day, I’m a very busy person, and found out that I wasn’t as hungry as I used to be. But the most important thing is that my blood pressure has been lowered. My goal for this year before I turn 51 is to actually lower my blood pressure and by doing that, I’ll be able to get off of my medicine and be a lot healthier than I am now. Cardio~Juvenate+ is a great product!

~Victoria C., Gilbert AZ
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I consider Cardio-Juvenate my little fountain of youth. I just turned 49 and went through “the change” of menopause, and what a change it was. My skin textured changed, my body composition changed, my blood pressure changed (and went through the roof often peaking at 190/116– ON all kinds of blood pressure medicine), my sleep patterns changed, my energy level and strength changed–dropped dramatically. A past body-builder, first place powerlifter, swimmer, gymnast, and triathlete, I was quite distressed over all these changes to my strength, energy, and body composition. But worst of all were the debilitating hot flashes and night sweats along with the dangerously high blood pressure. Having always been “younger than my years”, I aged about 10 years in just one year of “the change.” No prescription medicine was working to help bring down my blood pressure or relieve me of the hot flashes and night sweats which kept me from getting any sound sleep for months on end. I feared I was destined to live a sleepless, sweat filled life. Then my niece gave me a jar of cardio-juvenate for Christmas; I started using it on Jan. 1, and the hands of time have been turned back! Within two weeks, my hot flashes and night sweats started decreasing; they are now gone completely. Sound sleep has returned to me at night. Blood pressure is now in the normal range of 120s/70/s (often lower). Energy and strength are returning. Body is firming back up a bit. And my mind is sharp! I noticed the “brain power” right away. I can just think more clearly, more focused, more critically.

I am definitely a proponent of cardio-juvenate and would definitely recommend it to any one looking for better blood pressure, more energy, and more strength, but most of all, I would recommend it for women going through “the change”!

~Kathy Lindstrom



For years I have suffered pain in my knees. It was so bad that when I walked down stairs you could hear my knees crunch. I started taking Cardio~Juvenate+ and within just a few weeks I realized that my knees were feeling better. Getting up and down stairs has become so much easier and less painful. It’s amazing.

~Christy S, Phoenix AZ

Within a week of taking Cardio~Juvenate+ I felt less stressed in stressful situations, and an ability to focus and concentrate much better, which really helps in my career.

~Cecilia C, Phoenix AZ


My Doctor was all set to prescribe a statin to lower my cholesterol. I said no way, first let me try and drop some weight and see if that helps. This was a very good incentive to drop 25 pounds, which is what I did. My diagnostic numbers were much better at my next three month check up. The Doc said OK come back in 6 months, let’s see if you can keep the weight off. I just had my 6 months check up and the Doc said, Oh I see you gained 7 pounds, I expect those numbers will be getting worse again. But when he called the following day guess what… SURPRISE my numbers were even better than 6 months ago! I have only been taking the Cardio~Juvenate for the last 3 months but it has already had an impact, my HDL (the good part of cholesterol) is better than before and it is the best it has ever been! And my LDL (the bad part cholesterol) is going lower, as is my Triglycerides! Plus I feel great and my blood pressure is right where it should be! This product is fantastic and I plan on using it for a long, long, time!

~Stan W Sr, Syracuse NY

Within just a few weeks of drinking Cardio~Juvenate+ daily, the wheezing that I’d had for a long time went away and I noticed a great improvement in my knees… I no longer had pain going up stairs. My focus and concentration was also greatly enhanced. I really had an overall sense of just feeling better!

~Vicki H, Phoenix AZ

I just wanted you to know that I tried Cardio~Juvenate+ in my green drink this morning. I really did not expect to feel anything for days. A little while after I went roller blading like I like to do, but this time I was not tired after my normal mile, I continued on for another mile and still had energy! If it wasn’t getting hot I would have continued. I went for a swim right after, and I don’t know exactly what it is but I feel better. I rarely write e-mails but I wanted you to have this in writing to know how pleased I am. Thank you! I am looking forward to having much more energy in the future, I will keep you updated.
Energy is important to me since I will be 51 this year .

~Barbara B, Gilbert AZ

I’ve had high blood pressure for years.  Before giving in to Prescription medications with all of the unwanted side effects, I decided to try Cardio~Juvenate+.  After just a few months my blood pressure is now normal.  I no longer need a prescription!

~Molly T, Phoenix  AZ

I had a stroke and it took me months to recover.  I started taking Cardio~Juvenate+ and since then, I haven’t needed several of my medications and the possibility of another stroke has vanished. The episodes of pain and exhaustion have dramatically decreased. I never want to run out of Cardio~Juvenate+!

~Nancy K, Boulder  CO

I was diagnosed with dangerously high blockages in two major arteries leading to my heart and was told I would need stents. I started drinking Cardio~Juvenate+ every day and within a few months the blockage was noticeably reduced.  I’ve been taking it daily ever since and now my blockages are almost completely gone!

~Mark S, Las Vegas  NV

My cholesterol was extremely high and my doctor insisted that I consider statens to control it.  I decided to give Cardio~Juvenate+ a try first.  Within a month my levels started to drop and now they’re within normal range.  My doctor is amazed.  He said that as long as I keep doing what I’m doing, I won’t need the statens!

~Jim C, Charleston  WV

I never thought I would be one of the millions of men that are stricken with erectile dysfunction.  I reluctantly tried several pharmaceutical options, including the blue pill.  Then I discovered Cardio~Juvenate+. Wow, what a difference! I finally feel like myself again…  and without having to take any dangerous medications.

~John D, San Francisco  CA

I love the way a serving of Cardio~Juvenate+ taken 20 minutes before my workouts noticeably improves my endurance and speeds my recovery time. This is exactly the edge I need!

~Justin T, Rochester NY

I enjoy a serving of Cardio~Juvenate+ 30 minutes before my daily workout.  It gives me a natural boost that improves my endurance during my routine and helps me to recover much more quickly afterwards.  I love it!

~Janet S, Houston  TX

First off let me say WOW!! This stuff is awesome!!!!!!  I cant tell you how much better I feel after taking Cardio~Juvenate+. I’m 49 and I don’t eat right but I do take vitamins plus I smoke and I’m overweight and on blood pressure meds. I was lethargic and groggy and by the end of the day when my head hit the pillow it literally took less then 60 seconds to fall asleep plus I just didn’t feel good. Then I found your product and thought I would try it. I noticed a BIG difference on day 3 taking Cardio~Juvenate+, so much more energy and alertness. I’m now on my 2nd month taking Cardio~Juvenate+ and the difference is just amazing!! I now feel like exercising again and I just don’t run out of energy by the days end. I am getting off these blood pressure meds thanks to your product! I am a dedicated customer and I’m spreading the word about Cardio~Juvenate+. Thank you!!!!

~JR Johnson

A friend of mine started taking this product and then it worked so well for him, that he started promoting it. When people pitch products to me like that, I shut them off immediately. Something, this time, in the back of my mind said… uh, maybe you better listen. The nutrient benefits of this product, alone, are worth trying it. It’s taste is easily palatable.. not like other oral suppliments. The effects that I experienced were not expected. This isn’t an energy drink, however, within a day or two of taking this product (2 servings per day… one in the morning, one at night), I noticed my desire for nap when I got home was diminished. It made me a little mad because I love my bed and my nap time.  My naps were not satisfying. In fact the sleep I required at night was also reduced. I did have to adjust the time in the evening that took my last serving so I was able to get a full night sleep. I also noticed some reduction in my joint aches. My desire for soda, coffee and beer was practically zero and my craving for water and Cardio Juvenate increased. I find myself excited for 4pm, just so I can have my next serving of Cardio Juvenate. If you like the light purple rehydration drink from the makers of the popular “orange water cooler” people, you’ll love the flavor of Cardio Juvenate. It’s a nice light grape-ity flavor!

~Lisa H, Phoenix AZ

I am using this product for 6 weeks,seems to work OK,my blood pressure is already down to 130/82 without any other medication.