Cardio~Juvenate+ is a perfect blend of THREE powerful amino acids plus a complete supply of anti-aging and health supporting vitamins and minerals. It’s a powder that when mixed with water, juice, or any other cold beverage becomes a delicious health supplement. It is our top selling product and the cornerstone of any nutritional regimen. The chief ingredient, L-arginine, has been referred to as the “miracle molecule” for its potent health-enhancing properties.*
The second, and equally important, ingredient in Cardio~Juvenate+ is L-carnitine, a potentially powerful tool in weight loss, cardiovascular health, fatty acid metabolism, and mental function. L-carnitine supplements were on the Huffington Post’s Top 10 Weight Loss Supplements in 2009, and is the newest and most improved ingredient in Cardio~Juvenate+ (see press release: Best Weight Loss Supplement Now in New Heart Health Drink).

Benefits of L-Arginine

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L-Arginine for Arrythmia
L-Arginine for the Arteries
Lower Blood Pressure with L-Arginine
Lower Cholesterol with L-Arginine
How L-Arginine Can Improve Your Immune System
Brain Function and L-Arginine

Benefits of L-Carnitine

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L-Carnitine for Weight Loss
L-Carnitine for Chest Pain (Angina)
L-Carnitine for High Blood Pressure
L-Carnitine for Muscle Mass
L-Carnitine – All Natural Treatment for Hyperthyroidism

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Additional Benefits of Cardio Juvenate

Can potentially combat many health disorders such as:
Prostate Function
Macular Degeneration
Irritable Bowel Syndrome
Diminished Immune System
Dermatology conditions
Hormonal Imbalance
Post Tramatic Stress


*See Research for more clinical information and studies backing many of the claims made on this website.