High blood pressure is one of the leading problems amongst men and women nowadays. It has a number of underlying reasons. Higher blood pressure itself leads to multiple secondary problems like renal diseases, heart tissues, brain tumors etc. Keeping blood pressure in a limited range is very important to opt for a healthy lifestyle. High BP can make you lethargic, aggressive and anxious. Doctors usually prescribe a lifetime medication for lowering blood pressure. But, along with exercise there a number of other remedies which can be used to lower blood pressure. One of such best solution is “Hot Yoga”.

What is Hot Yoga?

Hot yoga can be defined as yoga exercises which are entitled to be performed in a hot and humid climate. Such exercises in a warm climate with lead to excessive sweating which will drain maximum salts out from the body. As a result, blood pressure will be lowered. Hot yoga is very effective in cases where you want to lose your weight immediately. However, during pregnancy and menstrual conditions, hot yoga is avoided as it can lead to harmful effects for the fetus.

Benefits of Hot Yoga

Apart from lowering blood pressure, hot yoga has a number of other advantages which include:

•    Burning of calories at a faster rate

•    Improved body metabolism

•    Increased blood circulation towards extremities

•    Improved stamina, strength, muscle rigidity and flexibility

Things Needed for Hot Yoga

For performing hot yoga, you should have the following items with you:

•    A yoga mat (non-slippery and tight enough)

•    Tight clothes like the slim suit, sports bra, tights and cross fitting dresses

•    Cold water and some Detox drinks

•    Towel

How to Perform Hot Yoga?

Hot Yoga for lowering blood pressure is performed just like other exercises just with some specific conditions. For performing this exercise follow the following steps:

1.    Set up a room or space properly for performing the exercise. Make sure it should be hot and humid. Do not switch on the fan or open windows. You can make the room hot by using electric heaters and warm air blowers.

2.    Place your yoga mat on the floor and make it straight and clean.

3.    Before starting the exercise, warm up yourself with a 3 to 4 minutes walk. If you are a beginner then start exercising slowly and then gradually increase the time.

4.    Do not do heavy exercises like squats etc immediately. Start with a simple exercise like bending, stretching, elliptical, twister etc.

5.    After every 10 minutes drink 1 glass of water and then wait for five minutes to let your sweat cool down.

Calorie Count

If you perform hot yoga for one hour, it will help in reducing 620 calories. By performing it for 90 minutes, 920 calories will be lost. Hot yoga is effective to lower your blood pressure from 150 mm of Hg to 12 mm of Hg after three days of your performance.


Apart from going for heavy medications and long term exercises, you can go for this simple hot yoga exercise which will lower your blood pressure at a faster rate without giving any side effects.