Many people believe drinking a lot of water is the only way to stay hydrated during the brutal Arizona summer, but are there certain foods you can consume to stay hydrate apart from water. Although drinking at least eight glasses every day is important to avoid dehydration, you can still stay hydrated with some foods. Besides drinking water, certain foods can help aid in hydrating your body in the heat, and that is why we have listed some of them below, read on:

  1. Watermelons

If there is any food that can supply enough water for your body system, then that is watermelon. You can never go wrong taking water to mellow for the day. 3% of water mellow contains water and is as effective to hydrate the body just like water due to its combination of salts, minerals, magnesium, potassium, sodium and natural sugars.

  1. Celery

Celery is easy to snack or munch on at any time, and it also contains high vitamins and potassium. Celery contains 95% water so it’s enough to keep you hydrated during the hot Arizona summer.

  1. Cucumbers

Have you ever asked why people at the spa place slices of cucumber on their eyes? Cucumber contains 96% water, making it the highest water content of any solid food. Cucumber is so versatile that you can add to smoothies or salads and it is incredibly effective at hydrating the skin and body. Also, there is more to cucumber, you get vitamin C, which aids in protecting the body against radicals and also help prevents diseases and cancers. It also contains vitamin K, which helps transport calcium throughout the body and regulates normal blood clotting, also prevents stroke, high blood pressure, and disorders in the heart and kidney.

  1. Tomatoes

Tomatoes are juicy and contain abundant water; you will see this if you slice a tomato in half. Tomatoes contain 94.5% water content, and it can help you stay hydrated by adding it to your diets. Tomato is full of vital vitamins and minerals, and it contains all four important carotenoids: lycopene and beta-carotene, lutein, and alpha. Tomatoes are also rich in high-power antioxidants, vitamins C and E. Tomatoes are so versatile that you will probably found them in almost every kitchen. For those who can’t eat tomatoes alone, you can add to your everyday sauces or condiments, and sandwiches.

  1.  Strawberries

Strawberries are low in fats and cholesterol, and they taste so yummy and fresh. Strawberries can be added to oatmeal, salad, yogurt, and desserts. You can also slice strawberries in Greek yogurt with honey.