Long before home blood pressure monitors becomes accurate and broad accepted for measuring your blood pressure at home, medical fraternity is not really through with them. There was an attitude, not so long ago either, amongst these professionals that buying one was just a waste of money and measuring it at home was not as accurate as the readings taken in their offices with their mercury sphygmomanometers. At that time, these machines to them are way much expensive and to be fair to them, these machines were not all that accurate. DUre to technology advancement over the years in the health sector we now have a lot of digital monitors are now extremely reliable and very reasonably priced.

So back to the question. Why should you measure it at home or why should you take over this responsibility? You probably need convincing as much as the doctors do, so here are five (5) good reasons:

  1. Ease of use

Is there another reason why you might not want to visit the DOC office if not for the stress and environment. The older blood pressure measuring machines were as complicated to use, and their name was even complicated to pronounce – sphygmomanometer! Today’s machines are simple, easy to use and give a readout at the press of a button and the name (BP monitor) is even easier to pronounce.

  1. Evidence

Nor only do this BP monitors help monitor your pressure accurately, but also boast of other great benefits. A research one shows that some people experience ‘white coat hypertension’. Such people risk being diagnosed as hypertensive when they are not. What this means is that people tend to get work up to about what their pressure would be and this makes their blood pressure goes up only when they go to the doctor’s and is normal at other times.

  1. Responsibility

High Blood Pressure is often caused by lifestyle, and a lifestyle also influences the treatment. This means that the hypertensive person has a responsibility to take measures to understand the condition and adjust his or her lifestyle to control their blood pressure. Taking the measurements at home is a first and necessary step in taking more responsibility for managing your condition.

  1. Control

Knowing what your pressure is on a regular basis acts as a reminder to stick to medication and other adopted measures or to see the doctor and this can also help dramatically helps control the condition. Also, a clinical study has shown that having a blood pressure monitor at home can improve blood pressure control significantly.

  1. Affordability

As we already said earlier on, technology advancement as greatly influenced BP monitors and they are cheaper than ever. A perfectly good monitor may set you back only $30-40, though if you have money to spare you can get more expensive ones.