Men tend to create a big gulf between keeping their heart healthy and doing the right things to make things happen. Cardiologist Pamela Ouyang, M.B.B.S. says “Men tend to have a stoic approach to risk, and that’s not always in their best interest”. Read below and check if any of these common heart health mistakes apply to you.

  1. Bad Diet

Eating a poor diet is one of the biggest mistakes most men make and what many people don’t understand is that good health starts in the kitchen. You can develop different health issues when you eat poorly. SO, whenever you crave for food remember the benefits that comes with eating healthy. What many men don’t understand is that they can reduce their risk for developing type 2 diabetes and maintaining a healthy weight when by losing weight (or keeping weight off).

  1. Skipping Preventive Care

Have you ever have a relationship with a primary care physician? Research shows that men don’t bother to go to the doctor at all more than women. In fact, most men only go to the doctor when they’re feeling sick or have a medical emergency. Men are also less likely to report symptoms such as: chest pain and breathlessness and the problem with this means that men are less likely to get important routine tests for things like blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar.

  1. Mistaking Erection Problems for Something Else

Men of all ages can experience some form of erectile dysfunction (ED) but the issue is that most men think erection troubles stem from a mental state. In fact, getting or maintaining an erection has more to do with your heart than with your mind. Research shows that erectile dysfunction is actually a barometer of a man’s overall health; this issue is caused by a problem of blood flow to the penis. So, you should schedule an appointment with a urologist if you are experiencing regular problems with getting and maintaining an erection.

  1. Smoking & Drinking Alcohol

We don’t need to stretch the risk that are associated with smoking anymore. Smoking has been linked to both lung and pancreatic cancer and can also increase the risk of heart attack. The health risks associated with secondhand smoking are just as bad. Another thing that is part of American culture is alcohol. Alcohol regularly and in excess can lead to increased blood pressure, which can lead to an increased chance for heart disease.

  1. Not Exercising

Have you ever exercise? If so how many times per week? Research shows that about half of Americans fail to get the proper amount of exercise. Make fitness and your health a priority. Grab a friend and make exercise a group activity. Enjoy the health benefits of exercise, and avoid exercising when angry.