Mindfulness is an amazing practice, and I say practice because it’s incredibly difficult to accomplish every moment of the day. Honestly, it’s incredibly difficult to accomplish for 30 minutes a day. It takes practice, and lots of practice, but just like anything else that we suggest here at EraseDisease.com, if you are struggling with heart problems or circulatory issues, if heart disease runs in your family, there are no simple solutions to better heart health. But there are solutions.

Here at EraseDisease.com, we strive to provide those all natural solutions to better heart health, and better all around health. Those solutions include diet, exercise, kicking old harmful habits, daily supplements that include L-Arginine, and stress relieving techniques such as yoga or meditation. Mindfulness during every moment of the day is a great way to decrease stress and bring your attention to the here and now.

mindfulnes for heart health


Mindfulness and Heart Health

It would stand to reason that tuning in to your body is good for your health, particularly your heart health. I mean, it just makes sense. And now there’s scientific proof that being more mindful in everyday life can mean better heart health.

People who are mindful score higher on healthy heart indicators, according to recent findings published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine from Brown University researchers, according to Time.com.

The article goes on to say that the scientific team looked at whether having something called “dispositional mindfulness”—which means you’re the type of person who’s very aware and attentive to what you’re feeling and thinking at any given moment—was a factor for heart health. They found a pretty significant connection: people with high mindfulness scores had an 83% greater prevalence of good cardiovascular health.

Interestingly, the participants in the study who scored the best in mindfulness throughout their daily routine also scored the best for non-smokers, being active, and avoiding fast food. Mindfulness tunes you into your body, making you more away and simply more gracious for the body you have at the moment you have it. It’s for these reasons that mindful people seem to take better care of themselves.

Mindfulness also takes you away from stresses about an upcoming meeting or interview, and regrets from past decisions, both of which are bad for your heart health. Mindfulness guides you to the present moment, where the past and the future essentially do not exist in that moment.

For example, if you are bagging your groceries at the grocery store, you are bagging your groceries in your mind as well. You are feeling the texture on the groceries, aware of your body posture, and aware of the colors you’re seeing and the scents you’re smelling. What you’re not doing is thinking about racing to pick up your child from soccer practice or stressing about the presentation tomorrow. You’re in that very moment, at that very moment, breathing calming, and it’s incredibly comforting not only to your brain but to your body and heart.

There are a wealth of resources available online regarding how to start practicing mindfulness, and trust me it takes practice. But I’m a big fan of it and know that it works wonders on your health.