It can be overwhelming to keep your blood pressure low and your heart health agreeable this time of year. Holidays are family, drinks and food…lots and lots of food.

I went through some of our most popular, crucial arginine blogs for the holidays and organized them for you:

5 Natural Ways to Decrease Stress and Improve Heart Health through the Holidays

Although the holidays bring cheer and fun with them they also can be a source of extra stress, and there are many natural ways to control stress levels to ensure that you stay healthy throughout the holidays. Some of the natural solutions to reduce blood pressure and stress that you can rely on during the holidays include yoga, meditation, exercise, massage, and healthy eating.

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The Holidays, Sugar Overload, and Your Heart

Salt has always been a source of concern for anyone battle heart disease, particularly high cholesterol. Physicians and specialists have told their patients for years how crucial a salt-free diet, or at least low-salt diet, is to maintain a healthy heart. But a recent study, though not refuting any advice to avoid salt, states that “we should be more concerned about added sugars in our diet.”

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Who Could Use An Arginine Supplement Like Cardio Juvenate for the Holidays?

During the holidays you might be under extra stress due to all of the obligations you might have, and it always helps to do a little bit more to keep yourself healthy. If you have heard about arginine supplements or done some research on your own you might have come across Cardio Juvenate, one of the more popular arginine supplements that has been developed based on Nobel Prize winning research. We invite you to learn more about what Cardio Juvenate can do for you…

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Heart Healthy Holiday Foods and Substitutes

You should do your best to make healthy eating choices this holiday season, in spite of all the delicious but sometimes unhealthy foods that you might come across. Along with healthy eating you should also consider taking arginine supplements and other supplements that can keep your heart healthy during the holiday months. By substituting healthy foods, exercising, and taking arginine supplements and other heart benefitting supplements, you can also avoid the weight gain associated with the holiday season.

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Healthier Holiday Foods to Maintain Low Blood Pressure

Many holiday foods are high in fat, sodium and carbohydrates, making them bad choices to eat in general, although most of us forget that once the holidays arrive. High blood pressure is a major concern in the United States with over 1 out of 3 Americans having high blood pressure and 30% of Americans having higher than average blood pressure. These millions of Americans can benefit from consuming more natural solutions to reduce blood pressure. As the holiday season approaches, think about which natural solutions to reduce blood pressure that you might want to include in your holiday food plan.

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The Holidays and Heart Disease – What’s the Connection

Those with heart problems need to be on extra guard during the holidays by using natural solutions to reduce blood pressure and other natural ways to control their heart disease risk. This is because statistics show that there are an increased number of heart attacks during the holidays, in part due to a less healthy diet, more stress, cold weather, alcohol consumption, and other factors.

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As you can see, the holidays are a crucial time for your heart health. Consider Cardio Juvenate Plus this time of year.