Odds are, you either are living with high blood pressure, pre-hypertension, or you will be within the next five years. High blood pressure is an epidemic in the U.S. among adults, men and women. While the statistics are showing some better numbers, high blood pressure still plagues many Americans.

Yoga is just one natural alternative to prescription medications that can lower blood pressure. In fact, it’s been clinically proven in studies to lower blood pressure.

There are many, many ways in which you can lower blood pressure naturally; diet, exercise, L-arginine, yoga, meditation…among others.

One of the main culprits for high blood pressure is stress. It’s really that simple.

Today, let’s talk about the three ways yoga can lower blood pressure:

Because yoga is known for improving health and being effective, you will sometimes see results as for as lower blood pressure, less stress, and being less calm, sometimes as soon as right after your first yoga session.

Although you may see results as soon as your first session, it is important to continue doing yoga for better overall health and to actually see your blood pressure, as well as cholesterol levels drop to where you want them and need them to be.

Also, know the more work and energy that you put into your yoga sessions, will help you with lowering those numbers.

Yoga may seem simple to one who has never done it before, however there is an actual proper way to doing yoga, making sure you are performing all the poses correctly and breathing properly while doing the poses. If you have never done yoga before or have, but are still inexperienced, it is best to find a certified yoga instructor and sign up for a class.

Taking this step in improving not only your heart health, but your overall health will have you feeling mentally better as well. Yoga is on of many natural ways to lower blood pressure, as well as a nice break from all of the every day stressors.

L-Arginine has also been clinically proven to lower blood pressure. Try Cardio Juvenate Plus today!