Happy Friday! Are you looking forward to a relaxing weekend? Maybe you have a hike planned in this beautiful Fall weather? Or maybe a night out with the guys (or happy hour with the girls)?

Either way, weekends are a time to do whatever you want…unless it’s Arizona and you have to lay winter seed on your lawn before the HOA has a meltdown…but that’s a story for another day.

Weekends are for you, and your family. It’s the two days of the week when we get caught up, maybe get ahead, and spend time with those we love, doing what we love.

(There’s a reason why most heart attacks happen on Mondays.)

But, this information might be a little hiccup in your weekend plans:

An Exercise Routine Will Lower Blood Pressure, and the lack of a healthy routine, including exercise, supplements and diet, could leave you with less weekends to enjoy.

Your body doesn’t take a break over the weekend. Your heart doesn’t take a rest. Your blood pressure doesn’t take a nap. In fact, one of the reasons why Monday is such a popular day for heart attacks is not solely because people are heading back to work…

It’s because they’ve gone completely off routine over the weekend. Their diet may have taken a hit. They weren’t exercising. They drank more then normal.

All of their healthy routine during the week literally goes out the window during the weekends.

So, today, Friday, as you’re excited to head out the door, sleep in tomorrow, lay on the couch all weekend and watch football, consider your blood pressure.

If you have a healthy routine during the week, stick to it during the weekend! Your heart will thank you!