It might seem like the world is falling apart right now. With our 24-hour news cycles, history-making hurricanes, fear of war, immigration unknowns, and a million other personal stresses to worry about, it’s no wonder blood pressure is back on the rise. Whether you’re in the middle of Houston, Miami, or watching it all unleash on social media and news cycles, the stress that you’re feeling at this moment is impacting your blood pressure and heart health.

The most devastating part about this situation is that many of you reading this know someone who won’t admit to how much stress they’re under. Self-awareness is crucial to lowering high blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy. If you cannot admit to the amount of stress you’re feeling, you won’t be able to help yourself lower your high blood pressure.

So, how do you deal with stress right now?

Turn Off the News: Stop watching those 24-hour news cycles. In fact, if you must watch the news, limit yourself and be mindful of the sources. Some news sources will give you the facts and the information you need to know as an informed citizen. Some news sources will give you enough sensationalism to literally raise your blood pressure. Be mindful of how much news you’re watching and what you’re watching.

Give Back: In times like these, during hurricanes and hardship, it’s important to give back when you can. In fact, it’s good for your blood pressure and your heart health. Donating even $10 to a local charity, or a national organization that is helping with the relief effort, will make you feel a bit better and lower your stress levels.

Laugh and Smile: Get with friends and laugh a bit. Instead of going to a stressful movie, try a comedy. Allow yourself to spend more time with friends and family, especially your kids.

Pets: Pets have been clinically proven to lower blood pressure and improve mood. Right now is a great time to spend time on walks with your dog, letting your cat snuggle you while you read a good book, or just sit and relax with your pets.

It’s tough right now. With everything that’s going on, you’re feeling it. So, take time for yourself and do what you can to keep your stress levels low.