Today is the day! Here in Gilbert, Arizona, where Cardio Juvenate Plus is based, we will get the full capacity of the solar eclipse at 10:35 am. We can’t wait! We have our solar eclipse glasses in hand and will brave the heat for a few moments of history!

to honor such a historic day, we wanted to talk about not only your heart health and L-Arginine, but your eye health and how you can enjoy this amazing day without hurting your eyes…or your heart.

Reflection and Meditation: Days like today, when the world comes together at the exact same time across the entire globe to watch something beyond our world take place, are great days for reflection and meditation. At, we believe in the power of prayer, community and collective consciousness. Today, when the moon passes in front of the sun, when the entire world is holding it’s breath together and awe inspired by our amazing galaxy, we will be in bated breath together. There is no better time than today to stop, slow down, reflect, breathe and meditate. If you’ve never tried it before, today is the best day to get started.

Meditation has been clinically proven to slow down your heart rate, lower stress and anxiety, and improve heart health. Give it a try today!

Go For a Walk: Today is also a great day for a walk. There is no better excuse to get out of the office and go for a walk then to watch history in the making; a solar eclipse. Get out of that dusty office chair and take a walk!

Walks have been clinically proven to improve mood and heart health! Start walking today!

Socialize Outdoors: Everyone will be outside today to watch the solar eclipse. This is wonderful!! We all should be outside more often. The fresh air is great for your state of mind, and the act of socializing outdoors has enormous health benefits. While everyone is outside today, meet some new co-workers, smile and laugh.

Wear Your Viewing Glasses: Eclipse blindness, or retinal burns, are possible today if you’re even glancing at the sun for a moment. Even if the sun is 100% covered by the moon, which won’t happen here in Gilbert, Arizona where it will only cover 64% of the sun, you still cannot look directly at it. We ask that if you don’t have any solar eclipse viewing glasses to get some DIY help and make yourself a pinhole viewer. Keep your eyes safe!

Today is a great day for so many reasons! Start your healthy journey today with Cardio Juvenate Plus!