There has been a lot of talk recently about a connection between high blood pressure, heart disease risk and dementia. Most of the information right now points to risk factors such as smoking, obesity and diabetes as direct connections to dementia.

Did you know that L-Arginine, a precursor to Nitric Oxide, has been clinically linked to reducing risk for dementia in a study? Now, researchers and physicians are still at odds with whether L-Arginine has a true impact on dementia risk, but even the smallest degree of benefit from L-Arginine should be something to consider…and at least talk to your doctor about.

A recent study has not only shown that increased risk for heart disease could also mean an increased risk for dementia, it also showed that prehypertension (numbers at just below typical high blood pressure numbers) is also a risk factor for dementia.

“The researchers examined data on 15,744 adults living in Maryland, North Carolina, Mississippi and Minnesota.

At the start, participants ranged in age from 44 to 66, with an average age of 57.

Roughly 25 years later, 1,516 people had been diagnosed with dementia, researchers report in JAMA Neurology.”

The study went on to say (NPR):

“So-called prehypertension, when blood pressure is elevated but not high enough to be formally diagnosed as high blood pressure, was tied to a 31 percent higher likelihood of dementia. Full-blown hypertension was associated with 39 percent greater odds of dementia.”

The fact of the matter is that healthy blood flow, healthy circulation and healthy arteries means less of a risk for not only high blood pressure and heart disease, but also dementia. When your blood is moving freely through your system, you are healthier and your brain is receiving the oxygen and nutrients it needs to continue supporting you.

When those arteries become clogged and circulation slows down, and you get high blood pressure, everything in your body works harder…including your brain.

L-Arginine can help reduce blood pressure by increasing vasodilation, or the widening of the arteries. L-Arginine has been shown to increase blood flow through the body.