You have high blood pressure. It’s a daily practice of managing that high blood pressure, and you’re working every single day to keep your blood pressure from getting too high.

I can probably tell you exactly why you have high blood pressure. There aren’t many unknown reasons for this preventable disease. High blood pressure is completely preventable.

Here are a few of the reasons why you might be living with high blood pressure:

You Are Overweight: I hate to say it, but one of the reasons why you might be living with high blood pressure is because you’re overweight. Now, being slightly overweight is truly not a big deal. I am a big believer that everyone has a unique body type. But, you know if you’re overweight. Your heart and soul tells you that you’re overweight. If that is the case, you’re putting unnecessary strain on your heart. The harder your heart has to work to pump blood throughout your body, the more it is strained and the greater risk you are at for heart attack.

Not Exercising: Taking a simple walk around the block can have big benefits for your heart. Taking a simple walk around the block can have huge benefits for your cardiovascular system. Getting that blood flowing will lower blood pressure by helping the body become more efficient at moving oxygen and nutrients through your body.

Eating a Poor Diet: Diet is also one of the top reasons why people suffer from high blood pressure. Eating too much sodium, sugar, fat and calories can increase your risk for heart disease and stroke by giving you high blood pressure. If your diet consists of a lot of fast food, pre-packaged foods, canned foods and poultry with added sodium, you probably have high blood pressure.

L-Arginine Supplements

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