Artificial sweeteners are popular substitutes for sugar because so many assume they are healthier than pure sugar. Artificial sweeteners are used in everything from coffee and cooking to processed foods and baking.

The common perception of artificial sweeteners is that they lead to weight loss, not weight gain. Recent studies are finding that to be a misconception. Artificial sweeteners are actually leading directly to weight gain, and high blood pressure…not the opposite.

Artificial Sweeteners Leading To High Blood Pressure

“Sugar Free” is a craze that’s been sweeping the nation for the past few years. It’s all about putting “Sugar Free” on all packaging, and marketing foods such as cereal and health bars as “Sugar Free.”

Labeling foods with this title leads to more sales and “healthier” conscious for those looking to eat mindfully. However, just because it’s “Sugar Free” does not mean it won’t have harmful sugar substitutes in it…substitutes that could potentially  lead to increased weight gain and high blood pressure.

Artificial sweeteners tend to replace sugar in all foods that say “Sugar Free.” By replacing pure sugar with sweeteners, food companies are actually doing more damage to your heart.

Chemicals like aspartame have been proven to cause cancer. And sweeteners like Sweet N Low are being found to lead directly to obesity, weight gain, heart disease, and diabetes.

This studies lead to a completely contrary idea than what it out there; that sweeteners are healthier than pure sugar. In fact, those sweeteners might be just as harmful for your heart and blood pressure.

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