When it comes to hypertension and blood pressure, yoga is one of the best natural ways to lower your blood pressure. Yoga helps reduce stress and helps you focus on your breathing by slowing down your heart rate and allowing your muscles, mind, and body to relax.

If you live a high-stress lifestyle chances are you have had, currently have, or will have high blood pressure sometime in your life. Research has shown that having high blood pressure can lead to an increased risk of stroke, kidney disease, or heart failure.

When it comes to yoga, it can help relax your body and mind and help control your breathing, which can all help with lowering your blood pressure naturally, however there are some yoga poses that have seem to help a little more with relieving hypertension and lowering high blood pressure. This is because these poses help focus more on your breathing and controlling your heart rate and keeping yourself calm and relaxed. You can however modify your favorite yoga poses to help relieve hypertension. For example, if there is a yoga pose that requires you to place your hands above your head, simply place your hands on your hips instead, or you can try doing your favorite yoga pose and looking at the ground instead of the sky. This will help to keep the blood flow down.

These modifications to yoga poses can help, but here are the top 5 yoga poses that have been show to help naturally lower blood pressure a little faster and better than other poses.

1. Downward-Facing Dog Pose

2. Standing Forward Bend Pose

3. Posterior Stretch Pose

4. Plow Pose

5. Bridge Pose

It is also known that a lot of yoga cooling poses where the head is supported, can help lower blood pressure, as well.