When someone mentions exercising, some people get discouraged because they are either not use to working out, they think that they are not in shape enough to workout, or they think that it requires hours of working out a day. All, of these things are just excuses. There is an exercise for everyone, all shapes, sizes, and conditions. Exercise does not mean you have to spend hours at a gym. Exercising for lowering your blood pressure is a way to increase your heart rate and get the blood flowing throughout your body. it is also a great natural way to lower blood pressure.


You can begin to make changes to reduce your high blood pressure by simply exercising for as little as 30 minutes a day. Exercising makes your heart become stronger, which in return can give your the ability to pump more blood without working so hard.

When it comes to exercising it can be anything that increases your heart rate and breathing rate. for example, you can try swimming, bicycling, jogging, walking, or even vacuuming and mopping your house, especially if you have a two-story house, because climbing stairs is a great way to increase your heart and breathing rates. Other household chores can be considered exercise such as, mowing the yard, raking leaves, or other outdoor activities that increase heart and breathing rates. So in this case you are killing two birds with one stone.

If you find yourself very short on time and can’t set aside 30 minutes a day to workout, you can also try dividing your workout time up and doing three 10 minute intervals of exercise. Even 10 minutes of increasing your heart and breathing rates can help with lowering your blood pressure. One more important thing to keep in mind that if you are sedentary for several hours a day, try getting up and moving around more. Even walking more can help lower blood pressure.