High blood pressure is affecting people not i+only in Arizona but in the entire country. According to a Harvard study, high blood pressure plays an important role in more than 15% of the deaths in the US. But what is more concerning is that, according to the American Heart Association, about 28% of out population has high blood pressure but they just don’t know they have it. So, it’s important that you see your doctor.

Despite one of the main things that doctors will tell you to do is to take specific medication, you can also do other things that will help lower your blood pressure. We all know that all medications have side effects and the specific prescriptions for this condition may include insomnia, dizziness, and even leg cramps, as the worst side effects.

Here ate 6 natural ways to lower blood pressure that you can do either in Arizona as in any other state:

#1: Take A Vigorous Walk:

You should try to do it at least for 30 minutes, almost all days of the week. While you’re exercising, your heart will use the oxygen more efficiently, which will help lower your blood pressure.

#2: Breathe Deeply:

Even if you don’t have the time for meditation or certain yoga exercises, you can try and breathe deeply for 5 minutes in the morning and at night. While you’re inhaling deeply, make sure that your belly expands as well as while you’re exhaling, you should relieve all your tension.

#3: Salt:

Many people are simply very sensitive to salt and this is why you should always be careful with your intakes. Keeping the salt lower on your diet will help you lower your blood pressure. You also need to pay attention to the processed foods that you buy because they usually contain a high quantity of sodium (salt).

#4: Dark Chocolate:

Despite the fact that you shouldn’t eat regular chocolate, you can and should eat dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa. And the reason is simply: it contains flavanols which make your blood vessels more elastic. So, you’ll see your blood pressure levels decreasing.

#5: A Little Alcohol:

Although your doctor may have told you that you should avoid any type of alcohol when you have high blood pressure, the fact is that if you drink it in small quantities, it can have a beneficial effect.

#6: Decaf Coffee:

If you’re an avid fan of coffee and if you suffer from high blood pressure, you can try to replace the coffee for decaf.