Your own inadequacy could be the root cause of your heart issues. Everything from hypertension to extreme stress on the heart can be directly linked to your own unhappiness and unfavorable thoughts about YOURSELF…

Heart Problems: Longstanding emotional  problems. Lack of joy. Hardening of the heart. Belief in strain and stress.

Heart Attack: Squeezing all the joy out of the heart in  favor of money or position. Feeling alone and scared. “I’m not good enough. I  don’t do enough. I’ll never make it.”

High Blood Pressure: It is caused by repressed anger or grief. Simply put, it is an accumulation of the inner pressure. Individuals suffering from this condition experience difficulty in trusting others, even themselves.

The high blood pressure is very often termed as “silent killer”, as in number of cases it doesn’t exhibits any kind of symptom, thereby causing damage like heart attacks, kidneys’ failure, tumors, vascular dementia and impaired vision, which in totality is called as end-organ damage, due to the fact that the impairment to these vital organs, is the end result of long term high blood pressure.

Thus, in order to keep high blood pressure at bay, it’s vital for you to know various causes and symptoms of high blood pressure, coupled with various natural home remedies for high blood pressure…

The ancients believed that every part of the body had a distinct polarity and that the heart ‘’prepared’ the blood by polarizing it to be drawn towards every part of the body – the heart acting more as a regulator rather than an actual pump. An artificial pump cannot do this and cannot be made to do this. Allegorically and metaphorically the heart was symbolized as the Sun within the body as it ‘s grace into and throughout the entire body much like the Sun does to the Earth. The matter as to where the heart got the grace to caste throughout the body is where the physical crosses over into metaphysical dimensions.

It was long believed that human life remained within the human body for as long as the heart was beating. Now, of course this has changed. The very recent credo associates life with brain activity. This is not what the ancients believed at all.

They believed that the human spirit and soul directly linked into the human body through the heart. In the heart there are two seemingly insignificant little lumps of nervous tissue where these connections take place. If this physical material should ever be harmed or likewise disturbed it would result in instant physical death.

You are Enough

Heart disease, metaphysically speaking, is due to your own lack of adequacy…this idea that you’re not good enough, or smart enough, or healthy enough, or have enough will-power, or enough happiness in your life, or enough love…or whatever it is.

But, if you are made of nitrogen, carbon, calcium and iron…just like the stars…how can you not be enough? If you are made of the stars, the galaxies, the Earth and the Moon, how can you not be enough?

Metaphysically speaking, believing in your own worth will improve your heart health. When you believe in your worth, and truly love yourself as you were meant to, you will began to relax, began to take care of yourself and your health in a positive way…

You’ll get off the couch and take a walk, noticing the beauty of the birds chirping in the trees, and the breeze against your skin. You’ll breathe deeper and bring in wonderful oxygen.

You’ll eat healthier, consuming more fruits and veggies. You’ll supplement your diet with things like Cardio Juvenate Plus to strengthen your cardiovascular system.

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