Heart strikes are the number one cause of death in the industrialized world. The chief contributor to strokes is high blood pressure (hypertension), often called “the quiet killer”. The best action you can take for cardiac arrest prevention is lower your high blood pressure. It’s easy to lower high blood pressure naturally.

What should your high blood pressure be? Most experts say not over 120/80. But 115/75 is better. When you get over 135-145/90-95 you are “red lining”, getting into the high danger zone where you are very prone to dying suddenly of a cardiac arrest. If your BP is this high your Doctor will probably prescribe medication to reduce it.


If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure or have been living with the condition for some time, then you will realize what it is like to live in the shadow of this quiet fantastic. Hypertension is a leading cause of cardiac arrest, stroke and chronic renal failure, so it is no small factor to deal with.

If you plan on ongoing on as before and doing nothing about your high blood pressure, hoping for the best, don’t be fooled – this is the best way for you to shorten your lifespan. Going a pill and ongoing as ever is another bad option because you will be just suppressing a symptom without dealing with the cause. The first factor that should be done when looking at how to lower high blood pressure is a thorough assessment of your lifestyle and to change those aspects that are leading you to high blood pressure.

So what can you do? How can you lower high blood pressure naturally?

We all get issued a human body, but it comes without an operator’s manual. We have to write our own. Luckily, there has already been a great of work done on the subject. We know a fair amount about controlling high blood pressure.

Steps to lower high blood pressure naturally:

  1. Maintain a healthy bodyweight. If you weigh more than 20% more than the recommended bodyweight for your gender and height, you are obese. Obesity kills. Just look at senior citizens, say, over 80. How many fat ones do you see/know? Not many. Why? Because they either get thinner or die off, that’s why. Make an observation of that and assume management over your bodyweight.

More bodyweight means more fat means more kilometers of veins your center has to pump blood veins through. It’s a simple matter of physics. Fat individuals must have high blood pressure to supply blood veins to all that fat. The underhand strains the center and bloodstream and leads to strokes. Make an observation and assume management over your bodyweight.

  1. Strengthen your cardio-vascular system with work out. Fitness does two things for you. First it strengthens your center and bloodstream, gives them more capacity and the ability to do more than just keep you alive. Second, it blushes out and lowers the deposits that would otherwise buildup in your bloodstream.

Without work out your heart and veins get lazy and weak. A small problem then could do you in. Also, without work out arterial plaque builds up, restricting your bloodstream, causing your heart to have to keep working harder and raise your high blood pressure to get the blood veins to circulate. So being active is very important.

A good rule is to get 200 minutes of cardio exercise work out every week. You can run, walk, swim, bicycle, play tennis, etc. Whatever creates your high speed up and creates you break out into a sweating. If you don’t sweating, spend twice as much time. If you walk at 2 1/2 to 3 mph, you aren’t really doing cardio exercise work out.

  1. Get yourself a good home blood-pressure calculating device. There are plenty of good ones available at $30 to $50. Take your high blood pressure every morning before you get out of bed. Make an observation of the numbers. Keep a list or a graph. Take three numbers each time. Believe the middle one and write it down.

During the process of calculating, you can lower high blood pressure normally by calming your mind, soothing, and thinking soothing thoughts. Observe what elevates your high blood pressure. Get sensitive to that. High salt intake raises high blood pressure level in 1 out of 3 individuals. Are you one? If you eat salty foods late at night does your BP go up?

Everyone is different, but if you want to manage any ongoing process, take measurements, graph the results, and note what probably caused that change. To get your high blood pressure to go down, do more of what seems to reduce it and less of important go up. Develop your personal formula to lower high blood pressure normally.