Wine-lovers everywhere rejoiced when it was announced that a glass of red wine can be quite heart healthy. However, for those that would rather develop heart-healthy habits in a non-alcoholic way, the options included the benefits of arginine as well as healthy lifestyle choices, but no imbibing.

A new study is showing, though, that non-alcoholic red wine can also have positive heart healthy benefits, as well…

The study, published in Circulation Research – an online journal, showed that among 67 people with heart risk factors, studies showed that non-alcoholic red wine helped reduce hypertension and thus the risk of developing heart disease.

red wine & your heart

This could be the due to the presence of antioxidants called polyphenols, which is not associated with the alcohol content in red wine. Moreover, the red wine without alcohol also increased the level of nitric oxide in the participants, which further helped to relax blood vessels in the body and restrict the development of heart disease.

In fact, the nitric oxide effect of the non-alcoholic red wine is similar to the benefit of arginine, as it does the same thing. Therefore, the use of both arginine supplements and non-alcoholic red wine, as well as lifestyle changes that promote healthier choices, might help people at risk to stave off heart disease and lead overall healthier lives.

One of the benefits of this study shows that people don’t need to imbibe in red wine in order to reap the heart-healthy benefits of it. It may encourage people to try to non-alcoholic version in order to avoid some of the ill effects that can come along with drinking alcoholic beverages.

After all, there are a number of adverse effects of drinking too much alcohol and the heart healthy effects are often negated by other factors, from diabetes to weight gain from drinking too much and not getting enough activity to work off the sugar content of the alcohol.

In addition to the benefits of arginine, there are other foods that you can include in your diet to up the level of polyphenols that you are getting on a daily basis.

For instance, including coffee, chocolate, fruits and veggies that are bright in color and tea are great ways to receive some of the same types of benefits of arginine, in addition to actually taking the supplement for better heart health and decreased incidences of heart-related episodes.