You made it! You survived Halloween! Congratulations!

Did you slip up? Did you have a candy, or two, or five?

That’s ok, because we’re here to provide you with your after-Halloween detox to help get your body back on track before the next holiday rolls around…


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Drink more water! Seriously, the best way to detox is to give your body the one essential element that will clean it and flush out everything that you’re body doesn’t need.


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Just eat less of it this week!


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Get more sleep. Holiday season is rough on the body, especially when it comes to getting enough sleep. You’re worn out from Halloween, you’re stressed about getting enough work in between holidays, you’re worried about money…

…it will all work out, but you need sleep. Stick to a schedule.

Yoga and Exercise

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Yoga and exercise are wonderful detox tools for your body, especially after a holiday like Halloween. So get to the gym, get to the yoga studio, and get back into healthy status before Thanksgiving!

Eat and Drink Healthy

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Eat more fruits and veggies, take your daily heart supplements, and drink some apple cider vinegar.

You can detox your way to a healthier you this week. Work off all that Halloween candy with more exercise. Flush out that Halloween candy with more water. And eat healthy!