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According to the American Heart Association, about 76.4 million people age 20 and older have high blood pressure.

That’s one in three adults here in the United States….

Amazingly, over 50% of those adults either don’t know they have high blood pressure or are completely unaware how to control it. Education and awareness are key elements in not only treating high blood pressure, but preventing it all together.

High Blood Pressure and a Lack of Knowledge

Unfortunately, though high blood pressure, also known as hypertension, is one of the deadliest diseases in the United States, taking nearly 350,000 lives in 2008, it is still met with misconception, misunderstanding, and in many cases a complete lack of knowledge. Below are the top 5 misunderstood conceptions regarding hypertension:

High Blood Pressure is Normal – Hypertension is not normal. No matter the fact that 76 million adults have high blood pressure, this only goes to the fact that hypertension is quickly becoming an epidemic. In fact, even back in 2004 the American Heart Association was calling hypertension an epidemic, and that’s when numbers were far lower than they are today. Hypertension is not normal, and is extremely dangerous, even life threatening. It can lead to many cardiovascular complications, including heart disease, heart attack, stroke and death.


High Blood Pressure is for Older Men – This is one of the most common misconceptions regarding high blood pressure. Many people still falsely believe that only older men struggle with hypertension, when in fact women might be at a greater risk for high blood pressure if they are on the Pill, pregnant, overweight, or have a family history. And, as the numbers above have shown, high blood pressure can affect anyone at nearly any age. A recent study that we posted on found that 12-year-old children who drank soda once a day were already showing signs of narrow arteries.


High Blood Pressure Cannot Be Prevented in My Family – If you have a family history of hypertension, you might just believe that it’s your fate and there is nothing that you can do about it. This is completely false, and it leaves you wide open to many cardiovascular diseases and the realities of not living a full life. You can prevent high blood pressure with a healthy diet, maintaining a healthy weight, limiting salt intake, limiting alcohol intake, exercising, and limiting stress. There is a mental fog that encompasses high blood pressure when it runs in the family. Many think it’s just a fact of life, but that is not the case. With a healthy lifestyle and all-natural solutions such as arginine supplements, you can prevent hypertension.


My High Blood Pressure Readings are Wrong – You feel fine, you’re living your life, and the doctor says your numbers are high, showing early signs of hypertension. But you’re nervous at the doctor’s office, so you blame it on stress or anxiety and the time of day. In reality, the numbers don’t lie. Yes, anxiety, stress and the time of day can affect your blood pressure readings, but if those readings are consistently above normal it is imperative that you take notice and act right away. This is not something that you can leave for another day, deal with it now.


High Blood Pressure Treatment is Intrusive – Yes, you will have to change your habits. You will have to kick the bad habits and focus on healthy habits. You will have to develop a treatment plan that is attainable, realistic, and something that you can stick to. Living with hypertension is about changing your entire lifestyle, which can be incredibly intrusive and uncomfortable, however if you want to live to see your grandchildren it is necessary. You will need to maintain your weight, get active, change your diet, and possibly take medications. However, if you take the numbers seriously and catch hypertension before it gets out of control, you can change your lifestyle early and avoid medications by trying all-natural solutions like arginine supplements. Arginine is an all-natural solution to hypertension that literally improves  cardiovascular health by widening your narrow and blocked arteries, creating more space for healthy blood flow and decreasing your high blood pressure.


Education is key to battling hypertension. Even as nearly 80 million adults are living and struggling with high blood pressure, many of them (over 50%) are not knowledgeable or aware of what to do about it. You can prevent hypertension and you can manage it. It just takes a bit of education, understanding, and a willingness to change.