Did you know that heart disease is one of the leading causes of death in the United States? Many other countries find that cardiovascular problems are common causes of death as well. As a result, people around the world know some common signs of heart health problems, like the symptoms of a heart attack.


However, some signs of heart health issues show up long before the issue is so serious or deadly. That’s a major reason why it is so important for people to get checkups regularly.


Learn to spot lesser known signs of poor heart health so you can schedule more checkups as needed:


Sign #1: Feeling Fatigued Frequently

If you are getting good rest and are not over-exerting yourself, you should not feel tired. You should especially not feel fatigued performing routine, everyday activities like doing chores, climbing the stairs, or otherwise going about your ordinary life. When you get tired performing such tasks, it may be a sign that you heart is weakening.


Sign #2: Experiencing Difficulty with Blood Pressure Changes

Every time you get up, lay down, or get super excited, your blood pressure is altered. This a process that occurs quickly and naturally. If your heart is having issues, it may not keep up as effectively. Get your heart checked if you notice blacking out, fainting, or dizziness during these sorts of changes of position or emotion.


Sign #3: Noticing More Frequent Bruising

Several things contribute to bruising. However, your blood plays a significant role. Excessive or easy bruising can be signs of a blood problem, which very often is correlated with a heart health issue as well.


Sign #4: Lightheadedness or Dizziness Occurring Regularly

When a person is dizzy or lightheaded frequently, it can be a sign of blood sugar or blood pressure problems. Get both checked if this occurs for you regularly.


Sign #5: The Sensation of the Heart Moving or Aching

Apart from feeling your heart beat when you place your hand on a pulse, you should never “feel” your heart working. It’s a sign of poor heart health if you heart sometimes thuds or your chest hurts.