When you have just had a toe operated on, your body will need time to adjust and recover. One of the body parts most affected by any surgery is the heart. As a part of the cardiovascular system, your heart health is closely tied to blood loss, changes in circulation and pressure, and other internal changes. Surgeries tend to result in all of that. Open heart surgery has an even greater impact.


After open heart surgery, there are a few steps you should take to help restore your heart to a healthier state.

Restoring Your Heart Health After Surgery


1. Rest As Required

Having your chest opened up and your heart altered and repaired successfully is no small feat. It takes your body a large amount of energy to heal itself afterwards, so you’ll feel tired for days and even weeks. Get adequate rest. Your heart won’t get strong again if you never let it rest and rebuild.


2. Find Light Activities to Keep You Moving

Just because you need a lot of rest doesn’t mean you should do nothing, though. For your heart health to be strong again, your heart will need to be able to work well. That means giving it practice. Find very light, simple aerobic activities to give your heart the gentlest workout you can.


3. Watch Your Blood Pressure

Post-surgery, your body will be doing a ton to help you recover and to adjust to any changes. That means your blood pressure may fluctuate or be low or high for a while. This needs to be monitored. Sudden blood pressure changes or extremes can signal that something is going wrong.


4. Focus on Your Breathing

Getting enough oxygen into your body is important for your heart, too. Breathing deeply is also one of the gentlest form of exercise. Focus on breathing as you move or even lay back to rest.


5. Move at a Slower Pace

Although your heart will need to overcome small challenges to get strong again, it is important for your heart health progress to be slow. Work at an easy pace and don’t overdo it.

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