If you have been told that you have high blood pressure, you should take the news seriously and prepare to make changes. High blood pressure, called hypertension, is a risk factor for major cardiovascular issues like heart attack. You can reduce your blood pressure without relying on medication, though. To naturally lower blood pressure try to:

naturally lower blood pressure


Relax and Meditate More

One of the causes of your high blood pressure may be stress or that you are frequently anxious, worked up, or otherwise in a state of being highly alert. For your body to maintain one of those states, it must raise your blood pressure. Eventually, the base level of your blood pressure will have adjusted to being higher, but that means your heart is working much harder.


Trying relaxation techniques like meditation to give your heart a chance to rest more. You can use techniques like yoga or meditating when you begin to feel stressed as well as on a regular basis for your heart health.


Reduce Your Sodium Consumption

Salt naturally raises your blood pressure. So, reducing your intake of sodium also naturally lowers blood pressure easily. Switch to a low-sodium diet and avoid adding salt to your meals unnecessarily. If you aren’t sure how to cut back, look for local classes and seminars about eating for heart health. These tend to be offered by centers for the aging and hospitals.


Exercise Regularly

It may sound counter-intuitive to exercise in order to lower blood pressure since exercising naturally raises your heart rate. However, when you exercise your body works out tensions and must regulate itself differently. Regular exercise, as a result, reminds your body to regulate things like your blood pressure more efficiently.


Say No to Caffeine

Coffee-lovers, here is the bad news. Caffeine and other stimulants get your heart pumping harder, which raises your blood pressure and puts you at risk of heart disease. Cut back on caffeine as much as possible. Avoid other stimulants, like energy drinks or very sugary foods as well in order to naturally lower blood pressure.

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