After you have had a run-in with heart disease, like a heart attack, or have had major heart surgery, you can expect to be rehab. Designed to rehabilitate the heart and help the rest of your body adjust and heal, rehab is common and important. Many people find that rehab is also more convenient if it can be done at home.


Here’s what to expect is your rehab is based from home after experiencing heart trauma:

What to Expect in a...

To Have To Buy Some Equipment

Some aspects of rehabilitation simply require rest and getting up to get moving. However, the heart is essential and after trauma, it must be monitored carefully during the recovery period. You will likely need to be able to check your blood pressure multiple times per day for a while, for instance. Equipment for checking your blood pressure and otherwise habilitating the body will likely need to be purchased or rented for the home.


To Learn Aerobic Exercises

A majority of the therapeutic practices you will need to utilize while recovering from heart trauma will include aerobic exercise. Mild and gentle, many aerobic exercises are simple and require just your body moving in certain ways. Some exercises may involve equipment like a stationary bike or resistance bands, though. Be prepared to purchase these types of equipment.


To Have a Visiting Nurse Stopping By

Depending on your insurance and health care treatment plan, you can expect to either hire a nurse or have a visiting nurse assigned to you during your recovery. The nurse will stop by for scheduled visits to check up on your health and perform basic tests to measure your recovery progress.


To Need Organizational Space for All of the Paperwork

Many people are surprised by the amount of paperwork that they leave the hospital with after experiencing heart trauma. All of the instructions and prescriptions can be a lot to take care of on your own. Add in the instructions given by the visiting nurses and even a physical therapist and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. Get organized for your health’s sake.