You’ve received notice: you need to have open heart surgery to treat your heart disease. Now you have been given extensive paperwork and all of the necessary appointments have been scheduled. You even have a surgery date and time. But what happens after the heart surgery is complete?


For recovery from open heart surgery, you will need:

Preparing for Your Recovery From Open Heart Surgery

An Accessible Rest Space

After having open heart surgery, you will time to rest –in fact, you’ll probably be exhausted as your body recuperates. Climbing stairs and walking around a lot will be difficult. Try to set up an area at home where you can rest easily without climbing stairs.


An Accessible Hygiene Space

It is best if you can set up your rest area near a restroom as well. In the bathroom, you will to place a chair inside the shower, and, if you have a tub with a side, you will need a rail or another stable object to lean on as you climb in. Ask your doctor about the special hygiene products you may need as well since some soaps and shampoos cannot be used on the fresh scars you will have.


Low-Key Activities

Once you begin to feel less tired, you might find yourself getting a little bored. Since you won’t be up for much physical activity, make sure you have plenty of low-key options on hand, like puzzles and movies. Many people like to create some artistic craft or catch up on their reading, too.


Time Off from Work and Regular Responsibilities

Depending on your job, you may need anything from 2 weeks to 6 weeks off from work to recover during. During this time you probably won’t be able to drive and may need help walking or doing many normal activities. Besides taking off from work, ask loved ones to take over lawn care, cooking, and other daily responsibilities that may be too much for you during this time.


A Pill Organizer

Many patients return home with several types of medication that will need to be taken during the recovery period. A daily pill organizer will help you to feel better and stay safe as manage multiple new medications to treat your heart disease.