If you are trying to protect or improve your cardiovascular health (which you should be) then one of the things you need to pay attention to is your heart rate. Related to your blood pressure and the signals your brain is sending your body, your heart rate is one of the only internal processes that you can clearly “feel” as it works.

3. By Changing Positions Too Quickly

For instance, you can feel it when your heart races. By placing your hand on your heart, you can feel if its rate is fast and hard. Sometimes you can feel it without placing your hand there at all.


Apart from during exercise, having a fast heart rate can be a bad sign. A fast heart rate can be a sign of high blood pressure and stress. It also means your heart is working harder.


If you want to be sure that your heart is racing unless it for a good reason, then avoid these surprising ways you are making your heart race:


1. By Getting Afraid or Anxious

“Heart-pounding” is a term to describe a level of fear for a reason. When you get afraid or anxious, your brain produces adrenaline. As this pumps throughout your body, your blood pressure levels rise and your heart beat speeds up. This produces that pounding heart sensation. Unfortunately, it also puts you at risk of heart attack and disease when occurring too often.


2. By Taking Too Hot of a Shower

If you love taking long showers in a steamy bathroom with the hot water blasting, you might be at risk of cardiovascular problems. Standing in a hot, steamy room can trick your body into behaving as if it has a fever. In reaction, your body may raise your heart rate and alter a few other balances to fight a fever that isn’t even there.


3. By Changing Positions Too Quickly

When you stand up too fast after sitting or lying down, you sometimes feel dizzy or woozy. This occurs because when you change positions, your blood pressure has to change too. Sometimes the sudden change results in your cardiovascular health being at risk because you heart overcompensates by racing to make the adjustment.

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