When a doctor tells you that you have heart disease, it can sound pretty scary and serious. Although all conditions related to the heart do carry risks, some are more serious than others. Heart disease is a term that serves as an umbrella over a variety of heart-related conditions –including those that are and are not very serious.

Conditions Classified as Heart Disease


Be sure to find out what specific condition you have that has been classified under heart disease. Common examples include:



Another umbrella term, arrhythmia simply means that the rhythm of your heart beat has an irregularity. Some people are born with an irregular heartbeat. Others develop the condition as a part of another disease, as a warning sign of an illness, or simply in reaction to bodily changes. It is common for heart arrhythmias to be monitored regularly but to not require much treatment at all.


Coronary Artery Disease

The major blood vessels that supply your heart are called coronary arteries. When they are diseased, it can be a major health risk. This disease can occur due to poor cholesterol levels, a fatty diet, and more. Often the disease involves deposits building up that restrict or block the artery in its work.


Blood Vessel Problems

Several different health issues can affect the blood vessels. From internal bleeding when a blood vessel is punctured or bursts to blockages resulting from blood clots, problems with blood vessels vary drastically. A healthy diet, regular exercise, and maintaining a standard blood pressure can all help to prevent the body from experiencing blood vessel issues.


Congenital Heart Defects

A problem with the heart that has existed form birth, congenital heart defect is often related to malformation of the heart or its surrounding features (like the arteries.) Each person’s defect is unique and many require surgeries for reconstruction while children are still young.


Valve Trouble

The four valves of your heart are supposed to direct your blood flow. When they have an issue, it typically affects the rest of your health as well. Protect yourself against heart disease like this: take care of your body.