You have just had a major operation. Maybe it was open heart surgery. Or, perhaps you have been injured or are just really out of shape. Whatever your case is, you still need to exercise. Without exercise, your body has no way of staying strong. As a result, you become more susceptible to injury and to illness. Even your organs become at risk. Your cardiovascular health in particular can suffer if you never get up and get moving.


Try these exercises that anyone can do to improve your cardiovascular health:

Exercises Anyone Can Do to Protect Their Heart

Modified Stretches 

Often called aerobics, exercise that is basically composed of just stretching is really good for you even though it isn’t high energy and may not make you sweat much. Stretching is safe for those who have been injured or ill too because it is gentle and low impact. You might try yoga, Pilates, or simply look up a few aerobic stretches on your own to get started.


Stationary Biking

A seated exercise, stationary biking is also low impact is often a good option for those who have injuries or who can’t run or jog easily. People with arthritis also tend to find this form of exercise practical. You can find stationary bikes at the gym or purchase one for your home. Just use the bike for a few minutes every day to get your body moving more.


Going for Walks

Simply walking around is exercise. A cardiovascular-friendly exercise, going for a twenty walk once or twice a day can improve your health significantly. You can move at your own pace and walk indoors or outdoors –whatever you prefer. The simple movement encourages all of the main muscles in your body to exercise and it incorporates major organs, too (like your heart and lungs.)


Swimming in a Pool

Almost anyone can exercise in a pool. Exercising in water is low impact and the buoyancy removes some of the natural weight or working out on land. Warm water can also be soothing to the muscles as you move around it. You might try a water aerobics course, or just going for a swim regularly to improve your cardiovascular health.