Arginine (l-arginine) has been touted by medical professionals for its ability to protect your cardiovascular health and prevent heart disease. Recent research continues to prove its powerful and effective health benefits, and because it is a naturally occurring amino acid it is perfectly safe to take as a supplement. One of arginine’s primary benefits is its ability to protect against high blood pressure and improve blood flow throughout the body. Many researchers believe that this is key to preventing the onset of heart disease.

how arginine can help prevent heart

Arginine helps the body produce more nitric oxide

Nitric oxide is a gas that is produced by the body to control blood vessel dilation and flexibility. The 1998 Nobel Prize was awarded for the discovery of this gas, and it was also found that l-arginine is essential for the production of this gas. L-arginine is the chemical precursor for nitric oxide production, and many people have a deficiency of this amino acid as a result of aging, a poor diet, disease and other factors. A deficiency in arginine


Arginine supports healthy blood flow

Arginine supports a healthy and functional cardiovascular system, which in turn helps to prevent heart disease. High blood pressure, in particular, is associated with the onset of heart disease, and arginine protects against it by maintaining a healthy blood pressure. Arginine enhances blood flow and helps support and stabilize healthy blood pressure levels. It can also lower blood pressure levels for people who are hypertensive and pre-hypertensive. It is also important to ensure that you have enough arginine in your diet because it is used as a signaling molecule by the immune system and your brain.


Arginine may be helpful at preventing a heart attack

If you are trying to prevent heart disease, you should seriously consider adding arginine to your daily supplements. It is always better to take natural supplements like arginine to improve your cardiovascular health rather than medications like aspirin. There is no replacing a healthy diet and exercise when it comes to preventing heart disease, but arginine can go a long way in preventing heart disease by maintaining a healthy blood pressure and it comes with many side benefits.