Over the years, study after study has shown how important emotional health is, as well as how connected it is with physical health – particularly heart health. People with a positive outlook on life simply maintain better health. Those with a positive attitude tend to, consequently, take better care of themselves, exercise, eat right, and take heart healthy supplements. They are resilient in the face of adversity and do not stress about things that are out of their control. The flight or fight scenario rarely plagues people who live their lives with positivity.

emotional health

Emotional Health

Studies have shown that the emotional benefits of positivity include faster recovery from cardiovascular stress, better sleep, fewer colds, and a greater sense of overall happiness. The good news is not only that positive attitudes—such as playfulness, gratitude, awe, love, interest, serenity, and feeling connected to others—have a direct impact on health and wellbeing, but that we can develop them ourselves with practice.


But it’s not only an attitude of positivity. Emotional health is also about forgiveness. Being able to let go of pain, heartache and anger can dramatically reduce the amount of stress your body, and heart, are under.


The Stanford Forgiveness Project trained 260 adults in forgiveness in a 6-week course.

  • 70% reported a decrease in their feelings of hurt
  • 13% experienced reduced anger
  • 27% experienced fewer physical complaints (for example, pain, gastrointestinal upset, dizziness, etc.)


Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is also a key aspect of emotional health that can impact physical health.  In a landmark study, people who were asked to count their blessings felt happier, exercised more, had fewer physical complaints, and slept better than those who created lists of hassles.


Positivity, forgiveness and gratitude are also wonderful aspects that help to improve emotional resilience – aka: not crumbling under pressure, in uncomfortable situations, or letting your thoughts run away with your emotions. Individuals with resiliency are able to face sadness, trauma, anger and stress without falling apart. The flight or fight response does not rule their reactions, and thus they are able to keep blood pressure within normal levels and their heart rate at healthy levels.


Heart Health

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