It’s no surprise to anyone that staying healthy these days is difficult, really difficult. You’ve got the kids, the house, work, extended family, friends, school, sports, errands, date night (haha), and so much more. It’s nearly impossible to find time to get that 30 minutes of exercise in, let alone hit the gym. Heck, the 20 minutes it takes to pack up the kids and get to the gym could be replaced, and often is, with more productive tasks.


But, did you know that some of the most successful people in the world find time for their health? Did you know that Senator Wendy Davis, who is known for standing and speaking continuously on the Senate floor for 13 hours, was an avid runner? Condelezza Rice rises at 4:30am no matter where in the world she is just so that she can get in her workout. Oprah combines meditation and cardio every day during her busy schedule.


The most successful, and most busy, people in the world make time and find time to take care of themselves. Success on the outside must absolutely be combined with success on the inside. You’ve heard it before, probably a million times when you were younger, but taking care of yourself, loving yourself, helps everything else fall into place, in success and heart health.

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A Heart Healthy Schedule for Success

Morning start early for successful people. I tell you what, I’m not a morning person and many people aren’t, but in order to soak up everything you can out of every second of the day, taking the day by the horns, so to speak, means giving yoruself some extra time in the morning.


The day usually belongs to work, or the kids, or the boss, or whatever else you have going on. The day belongs to everyone else, but the morning belongs to you. Take advantage of it, learn to love this alone time, and do what you need to do to start the day off on right.


Take a Walk: How about a sunrise walk? Doesn’t that sound amazing! A walk at sunrise restores the soul. Take deep breaths, stop and smell the roses, and enjoy this time for yourself. Make it brisk, but don’t forget to notice the little things. Spend about 30 minutes walking around the neighborhood or the park, and wake your heart up with exercise!


Drink Water: Yes, everyone loves their coffee, and can you blame them. Coffee has been shown to have many benefits for the heart and overall health, if taken in moderation. But, honestly the very best thing to have first thing in the morning is water. Drinking water is crucial for every aspect of your circulatory system.


Don’t Skip Breakfast: The most successful, most prosperous in business and health, eat a healthy breakfast. And eating breakfast doesn’t mean a piece of toast or a bowl of Cherrios. For the successful, eating breakfast means bacon and eggs, or fruit and a bagel, or fruit and granola in yogurt, frittata, fruit and low sugar oatmeal or protein and nutrient packed muffins.


Success in business and life in general starts with taking care of yourself, which, in turn, takes care of your heart.

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