Emotional health – a phrase that usually makes us turn a blind eye, thinking of psychologists or expressing ‘how you feel.’ But if I told you that your emotional health could directly impact not only your heart health, but your degree of success in life, would you be more interested? Living organically, naturally and with sustained purpose to just be is not easy for everyone, and, quite honestly, it’s just not feasible for many people. And yet some of the most successful individuals, business men and women, entrepreneurs, CEO’s and billionaires, are aware of their emotional health.


Even moms and dads, small business owners, school teachers and mentors can benefit from the advice below…

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See Success, Think Success

When it comes to heart disease, stress and, in fact, mood can play large roles. Studies have shown that individuals with a positive outlook on life are healthier and more likely to prevent heart disease.


Take charge of your thoughts and wash out the negative ones. Not every day is going to go as planned. Meetings might run late, interviews might be rescheduled, heck even the internet might go down and you won’t be able to work for an hour or two. Do not focus on the negatives, but the successes of the day.


Don’t ever think “All or Nothing.”


Be Specific

When a person is trying to lose weight, they don’t tell the trainer, “I want to lose weight.” The trainer will ask what their goal weight is and how much they’d like to lose. This should ring true in every aspect of life. Set actionable, precise goals. If you want to lower blood pressure, write down the exact number that you need to be at. If you are looking to land a specific client, write down the client’s name.


Next, write down exactly how you will attain your goals. We as human do far better in achieving objectives, whether it’s in heart health or business, if we have actionable tasks to reach those goals.


Take Action

One of my all time favorite Walt Disney quotes is “Stop Talk and Start Doing.” It’s simple and yet speaks to the truth of the problem for so many individuals. Stop talking about lowering your blood pressure and actually do it. Stop talking about landing that interview and go out and land it.


Keep an Open Mind

If you are always learning and evolving, it will benefit your heart, your family and your business. When it comes to heart disease, if you can keep an open mind to quitting smoking, changing your diet or daily walks than you will eventually be able to attempt those things. If you shut down completely and refuse to learn any new habits, like a grumpy old man who is set in his ways, you will fail.


Take Responsibility

You might not realize it, and there might not be many studies to prove it, but taking responsibility, owning your actions and your life, is empowering and can ease the burden on your heart. Take responsibility for your heart health, your attitude, your emotions, your habits, and your business actions. Running from problems, hiding from mistakes and avoiding the inevitable causes increased stress and is detrimental for your heart.


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