This morning I posted an interesting article on our Erase Disease Facebook page. It was in regard to everything we talk about here on the website pertaining to prescription medication, natural alternatives and heart disease. As you probably know statins are big business in the prescription medical field. The article I read this morning, from in NPR, was about one woman’s experience with statins. But it is a powerful reminder that every individual patient and their heart health is unique.



Wendy’s Heart Story

In the article the author was dealing with high blood pressure. She mentions that she is not overweight and maintained a fairly decent diet, but admittedly did not exercise and led a sedentary lifestyle. Her doctor prescribed a high dose of Lipitor, a powerful statin.


According to the author, the statin cut her cholesterol and did what it was supposed to do. Unfortunately, the author’s physician failed to mention the increase risk of developing type 2 diabetes, muscle and liver damage. So the author took it upon herself to research whether statins were right for her. She became her own best health advocate, as every individual should be.


Statins and Side Effects

In 2012, the Food and Drug Administration slapped a black box warning on statins saying that they could raise blood glucose levels in people at high risk of type 2 diabetes. That meant an increase of anywhere from 9 to 27 percent in relative risk.


In layman’s terms if you are at high risk for diabetes, a statin like Lipitor will absolutely get you there faster. While physicians and researchers tell the outstanding benefits of statins and their ability to lower cholesterol, each and every individual is unique and has a different health situation.


Statins are huge money, and even though physicians and health insurance companies don’t necessarily get monetary kickbacks, taking a pill as easy as Lipitor gets quick results. Regular cardiovascular exercise, repeated blood tests and doctors visits is more uncertain and expensive for healthcare insurance companies.


The author of this particular article spent four months on statins until she began to feel sluggish and weak. She determined on her own that her liver was unhappy, and she ditched the statins.


Keep in mind that every health story is unique, and statins might work for you just as they might not work for your husband or wife. Here at, the best advice that we can give it is to be your own health advocate and seek out natural alternatives before your health gets to the point to where it needs prescription medication.

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