Meditation is a truly amazing tool that you can use at any time, literally anywhere, and it’s completely free. It’s a tool that has been used for centuries to empower people, reduce stress, alleviate pain and improve overall health. In this specific case, meditation can be successfully used to improve heart health.


There have been countless research studies on how remarkable meditation is for the mind, body and spirit. There is a science to this ancient art form, quantifiable proof that it works wonders. Check out these insane stats that research has proven over the years:


    • ACCORDING TO NEUROSCIENTISTS as you continue to meditate your brainPHYSICALLY CHANGES, even though you’re not aware of it RE-SHAPING itself.
    • Research has found meditation to promote ‘DIVERGENT THINKING’ a type of thinking that allows many new ideas to be generated.
    • NEUROSCIENTISTS have also found that, after just 11 HOURS of meditation, practitioners had structural changes in the part of the brain involved in monitoring ourFOCUS and SELF CONTROL.


  • Research from 163 DIFFERENT STUDIES suggested that mindfulness-meditation practice had an overall POSITIVE EFFECTon improving anxiety and stress.
  • Research with MARRIED COUPLES has found that increased mindfulness through meditation IMPROVED marital quality and communication.



And there is more…

meditation for heart health

According to reports, there have been over 1500 separate studies since 1930. All were related to meditation and its effects on the practitioners. Some statistics on people who meditate include results like:


  • Heart rate, respiration, blood pressure and oxygen consumption are all decreased.
  • Meditators are less anxious and nervous.
  • Meditators were more independent and self-confident
  • People who deliberated daily were less fearful of death.
  • 75% of insomniacs who started a daily meditation program were able to fall asleep within 20 minutes of going to bed.
  • Production of the stress hormone Cortisol is greatly decreased, thus making it possible for those people to deal with stress better when it occurs.
  • Women with PMS showed symptom improvements after 5 months of steady daily rumination and reflection.
  • Thickness of the artery walls decreased which effectively lowers the risk of heart attack or stroke by 8% to 15%.
  • Relaxation therapy was helpful in chronic pain patients.
  • 60% of anxiety prone people showed marked improvements in anxiety levels after 6-9 months.


Meditation for Heart Disease

I could go on and on about how beneficial meditation is to overall health, but for our purposes at, it’ heart health that we’re concerned about.


According to WebMD’s article on meditation for heart health, there’s scientific evidence showing how meditation works. In people who are meditating, brain scans called MRI have shown an increase in activity in areas that control metabolism and heart rate. Other studies on Buddhist monks have shown that meditation produces long-lasting changes in the brain activity in areas involved in attention, working memory, learning, and conscious perception.


The soothing power of repetition is at the heart of meditation. Focusing on the breath, ignoring thoughts, and repeating a word or phrase – a mantra – creates the biological response of relaxation, Stan Chapman, PhD, a psychologist in the Center for Pain Medicine at Emory Healthcare in Atlanta, tells WebMD.


How to Meditation for Your Heart

Meditation is all about being still and completely in the moment. When meditating, all you are required to do is nothing, which is the hardest part. you might think that doing nothing and being completely still in mind and body is a piece of cake, but in reality calming the mind is incredibly difficult.


Meditation for heart health involves emptying the mind and focusing on nothing but your breath. Every thought that enters your mind is a distraction from the meditation. Every moment your mind wanders away from the simplicity of your breath, it is a distraction. When you can calm your mind and release your soul, amazing things happen.

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