The concept of a woman dying from heart disease is still foreign to many, even though heart disease is the number one killer in women. However, statistics show that only one in five women believe that heart disease is her greatest health threat. More then likely, she’ll say it’s breast cancer. During February – American Heart Month – multiple heart education and research organizations launch enormous informational initiatives to try and educate our moms, sisters and wives, as well as significant others, about the dangers of heart disease for women. So, we’re doing our part.


Heart Disease Prevention

Heart disease prevention for women is fairly similar for heart disease prevention for men, with a few pretty serious exceptions. The main exception – open communication with your physician and family. Heart disease is difficult to diagnose in women, and one of the best ways that you can prevent this horrible disease from entering your life is talking about it with your physician.


1. Communication and Honesty: Many times, heart disease will not be a conversation you have with your family physician, when it absolutely should be. You need to be proactive about this disease, ask questions, make your physician know you’re thinking about heart disease and learning how to prevent it. It’s imperative that you and your doctor be on the same page.


2. Know your Numbers: Just as the guys need to keep tabs on their blood pressure and cholesterol levels, so do you. You might think “I eat healthy, I exercise, I don’t sit on the couch and watch sports all day,” but those are just a few of the factors that contribute or prevent heart disease. You need to take a look at the big picture, and that includes looking at your blood pressure and cholesterol, and making the necessary changes to keep those in check.


3. Eat Healthy: When you’re running crazy with the kids, getting them to school, then to practice, then to birthday parties and everything in between, do not stop at the neighborhood fast food restaurant to make up some time. Eat healthy, even when you’re on the run. Pack healthy snacks, have healthy snacks in your purse, the diaper bag or the car. Give yourself the opportunity to eat healthy while on the run.


4. Lose Weight: Losing weight and eating healthy go hand-in-hand, but obesity and just an unhealthy weight can put you at enormous risk for heart disease and stroke.


5. Get Active: This also goes hand-in-hand with diet and weight loss. Get that heart rate up, even if it’s only for 30 minutes a day. Studies have shown that just 30 minutes to an hour of exercise a day can dramatically lower your risk for heart disease. Don’t be ashamed to take time out for yourself!


6. Time For Yourself: And while we’re on the subject of taking time for yourself, women need to take some time for themselves without feeling guilty. Taking time for yourself is about lowering stress levels, and yet we’ve found that when women take time for themselves they tend to feel guilty about it in the long run – thus feeling stressed and defeating the entire purpose of taking time out. If you have 15 minutes a day, jump on YouTube and check out a quick yoga routine or meditation practice. You CAN afford to take 15 minutes a day for yourself and your heart.


Heart Healthy Supplements

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