Heart disease is a predictable, preventable condition. If you’ve been a follower of our blog or are a Fan on Facebook, you know that there are lifestyle changes you can make to prevent heart attack and decrease your risk factors for heart disease. This is a disease that can be researched, quantified, categorized, prevented and predicted, and social media is knowing playing a much larger role. Facebook

Through our Facebook page, you can get all kinds of information on preventing heart disease, from what to eat, what not to eat, how to exercise, how to reduce stress, and so much more. Social media can effectively help you lower your risk for heart disease by simply keeping you informed on the strategies that work to keep you healthy.


Twitter and Heart Disease

Recent research has shown that Twitter can be used to predict heart disease relevance in communities.


New research from the University of Pennsylvania suggests that analyzing tweets on the social network can provide better insight into the prevalence of coronary heart disease in a community than many more traditional methods of prediction than factors such as smoking, diabetes and obesity — combined. The research was published last week in the journal Psychological Science.


University of Pennsylvania searched geo-tagged tweets send from 1,300 U.S. counties in 2009 and 2010, sorting tweets according to the types of emotions they conveyed. Researchers then compared the findings to heart disease mortality data for the same years from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The tweets conveying negative feelings closely matched CDC data.


Tweets about things such as anger, stress and fatigue, it turned out, were a signifier for heart disease risk. More optimistic tweets, on the other hand, were associated with a lower risk of disease. –


Arginine for Heart Health

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