The holidays are a time to be merry and joyous, but some of the season’s indulgences can have a directly negative effect on your health. The winter holiday season is the period of time when heart attacks and heart disease are at their deadliest. Some causes for this, according to multiple research reports, include the increased richness and volume of meals, the increased alcohol consumption at the holidays, and — last but not least — the added stress the holiday months provide.



The Holidays and Heart Disease

Heart attacks hit their peak rates on Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, and heart disease deaths are at their highest during the December and January months. But this isn’t merely the product of cold weather — although low temperatures are known to be hard on the heart and can contribute to heart troubles and heart-related deaths, they don’t explain why heart problems pose their greatest risk at the holidays.



Experts say there is no one cause, but rather a variety of factors that cause individuals to put their health on the back burner. One such influence is the fact that some people are not as diligent about taking medications when busy and stressed during the holiday months. This leaves the body weak and more susceptible to its conditions. The excess consumption of rich foods and alcoholic beverages can compound the ill-effects of this stress.



Healthy Heart Supplements

Heart supplements, arginine in particular, come several forms and are used to control a variety of conditions that may affect heart health. Medications for sodium, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and heart disease are all used to control existing conditions and protect the heart from serious health consequences. But when these heart supplements are ignored or taken inconsistently, it can worsen the condition of your heart and increase the risk of a medical emergency.

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Your best line of defense against heart problems during the holiday months is to maintain your self-care habits. This means bundling up in cold weather, managing your stress, avoiding excessive eating and drinking, and taking your heart supplements regularly. If you are concerned about your heart, taking herbal heart supplements may also be beneficial, although you should consult beforehand with your doctor to make sure such herbal remedies are both healthy and effective.



If you do develop any unusual symptoms related to your heart or other health concerns, don’t hesitate to call 911. Even if your symptoms don’t seem to be threatening, it is better to play it safe rather than gamble on your health.