You should do your best to make healthy eating choices this holiday season, in spite of all the delicious but sometimes unhealthy foods that you might come across. Along with healthy eating you should also consider taking arginine supplements and other supplements that can keep your heart healthy during the holiday months. By substituting healthy foods, exercising, and taking arginine supplements and other heart benefitting supplements, you can also avoid the weight gain associated with the holiday season.


Avoid the high calorie dishes and make substitutes with healthy foodsblog_holiday heart healthy foods

To keep your heart healthy this holiday season avoid the high calorie dishes that can lead to weight gain and are high in sugar or saturated fat. For instance, instead of high calorie veggie dips use yogurt dips that are made with Greek yogurt, or substitute non-fat sour cream for regular sour cream. In general, Greek yogurt is always a good substitute for less healthy full fat dairy products and you can find many uses for it in several different recipes.


Cut back on the alcohol consumption

Alcohol can be a source of unnecessary calories and too much alcohol consumption can be bad for your heart and overall health. Try to cut back on the alcohol consumption this holiday season, and if you do drink, keep your drinking in moderation. You add club soda into your wine to reduce the alcohol content and the calories.


Take arginine supplements and other supplements to keep your heart healthy

In many cases you aren’t going to be able to eat perfectly during the holiday season. To offset some of the effects of unhealthy foods you can take arginine supplements and other supplements. Arginine supplements are proven to be effective at keeping your cardiovascular system healthy, and arginine supplements are an easy way to reduce some of the negative effects of unhealthy meals. Arginine supplements can help you maintain a normal blood pressure even when you eat foods that are high in sodium and fat.

Arginine supplements have scientific evidence backing up their effectiveness at maintaining a healthy cardiovascular system, and arginine supplements are easy to take during the holiday months. No matter what you should try to limit your unhealthy meals to a minimum, but if you have a few “cheat days” be sure to take arginine supplements to keep your heart healthy during the holiday season.

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