Our key focus here at EraseDisease.com is to get your heart healthy with safe, all-natural alternatives, like our Cardio Juvenate Plus. However, as often as we talk about heart health and the importance of leading a heart healthy life, we seem to hit a brick wall with many of our readers who just can’t quite come to terms with those serious lifestyle changes. But we understand – it’s difficult to envision how a heart attack might change your life until you have one.


With that said, I’d like to take a different approach to our heart healthy discussions with a topic that everyone can relate to – finances.


Save Thousands By Preventing a Heart Attack

The simple truth is that if you can prevent a heart attack, stroke, or any other cardiovascular event, from happening you can save yourself and your family thousands upon thousands of dollars in medical bills. According to Time.com, heart disease is America’s costliest health problem:


More than a third of adults in the U.S. have heart disease, and treatment costs totaled $444 billion in 2010, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Yet heart disease is largely preventable, and most of us can do our part to avoid it — and the associated high medical bills.


According to Medicare data, the average cost of treating a patient with a heart attack at the hospital is $18,200!  If you arrive at the hospital via ambulance and that ambulance delivers you to a higher-cost emergency room, you literally have no time to have a say about costs and could be looking at a total tab of $100,000 or more.


Got your attention yet? 

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah but insurance will cover most of that.” True, but the problem with that logic is that your deductible is probably around $12,000 (family deductible cap), which you’ll have to meet first for insurance to pick up any of the tab. On top of that, you’re also looking at out of pocket for anything that your insurance doesn’t cover and does not go toward your deductible.


Thinking about ignoring the symptoms?

Sure, you could ignore the symptoms of a cardiovascular event and not rush to the hospital, if that’s even possible. You could tell the ambulance to hit the less expensive hospital, or you might have a family member drive you to the hospital. All of these options are horrible, life-threatening decisions just to save a few bucks.


In reality, a single heart attack rarely comes with no complications.


“The patient who delays coming to the hospital usually has more extensive heart muscle damage,” says cardiologist Lawrence Santora, medical director of the Orange County Heart Institute and Research Center.

“This is when costs skyrocket. A severely damaged heart muscle can lead to congestive heart failure and a lifetime of future hospital admissions.”


The Best Prevention

If we can’t reach you with heart disease health statistics and implore you to live a healthy lifestyle for your heart, maybe this article has impacted you based on a financial level. Simply stated, it is far cheaper to prevent a heart attack then to treat one. Sure, healthy food can be pricey, and that gym membership can seem like it’s eating away at your wallet each month, but trust me – those are small prices to pay in the big picture.


If you’re ready to take that first step to living a healthier, more affordable, life, give our heart healthy shake a try!