Flu season can be tough for anyone with immune system weaknesses from disease or illness. Those at the most risk, children and seniors, face greater challenges when it comes to the flu shot. But no one needs a flu shot more then those living with cardiovascular disease.


According to MayoClinic.com, death from the flu is more common among people with heart disease than among people with any other chronic condition. This is huge information and incredibly important for those who have loved ones with cardiovascular disease.


While the flu might be the most common killer among those living with heart disease, it’s also one that is the most preventable.


Get Your Flu Shot

The CDC estimates a range of flu-related deaths in the thousands annually in the United States, and the rate of flu-related complications is even higher among people with heart disease. Anyone living with heart disease are at greater risk for pneumonia, respiratory failure, heart attack and death.


Your immune system and the entire way your body functions is compromised if you have heart disease, and so it can be extremely taxing on your body to fight off the flu virus. Complications can easily occur, and with a deprived immune system and poorly functioning body, your life is at great risk.


Talk To Your Doctor

Talk to your doctor during your next appointment to determine if the flu shot is right for you. Think of this as your reminder to get your flu shot.