We know the main benefits of exercise – they’re touted on news and documentary specials constantly.  Reduce high blood pressure, cardiovascular health, and weight control are just 3; but here are some facts you may not be aware of that show exercise truly is an essential part for any health routine.blog_5 lesser known facts about exercise 


1. Back in August 2005, Harvard Health reported that “women with breast cancer who walk three or more hours a week (or exercise more strenuously for shorter periods) have a lower risk of dying of breast cancer than those who exercise less.


2. Dr. Neiman, of Appalachian State University, reports that regular exercise helps to reduce stress.  Letting it all out and releasing pent-up issues and just enjoying the moment of being with friends, or by yourself and walking for 30 minutes a day can bring a wonderful benefit of releasing the “feel-good” endorphines in your brain – that alone is worth the effort of the exercise.


3. Another benefit Dr. Neiman reports is that regular exercise boosts immunity, protecting you from colds and flu.


4. Bones of people who do even moderate exercise are denser and this helps to prevent osteoporosis.  Because weight-bearing activities like walking are easy for most of us to do, it is one of the little known benefits of exercise.


5. And, last but not least, people who exercise 30 minutes 4 days a week fall asleep easier and sleep more soundly and longer.  This benefit probably adds to the reason why exercise helps the immune system by creating a healthier you.


One step at a time…added to the benefits of Cardio-Juvenate – it’s always a win-win situation for you!