The American Heart Association published a blog on their website this past week that instantly caught my attention, both because I’m an Arizona Cardinals’ fan and I’m always interested in new heart-related discussions. The title of the blog, Football legend Kurt Warner manages his cholesterol risk like a pro, initially got my interest. I mean, think about it, a Super Bowl quarterback, non-profit aficionado, and just all-around good guy, lives with high cholesterol. It’s crazy, right?


When we think about individuals with bad high cholesterol, we tend to picture an older gentleman laying on the couch with a bag of potato chips watching football. Well, you got the football part right, but nothing else. Many times it’s those who think they are doing everything right who end up with high cholesterol. But how does this happen?blog_football and bad cholesterol


Kurt’s Story

According to the American Heart Association, Kurt Warner was in the middle of his professional football career when a routine annual physical revealed some unsettling results – he had high cholesterol. Though Warner worked out like an NFL MVP, which he was, his diet needed improvement.


As we well know, diet is one of the most important factors next to exercise in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol. Even as much as you work out, there are individuals who will struggle with high cholesterol because of their diet, or because of other bad habits they struggle to kick like smoking or drinking, or because high cholesterol is hereditary. In Warner’s case, it was hereditary.


Kurt Warner was put on a prescription statin towards the end of his career with the Arizona Cardinals, and the results were disheartening. His physician switched Warner to another cholesterol-lowering prescription, and yet again the results were not good. Finally, on the third try with the third switch to a new prescription medication, Warner’s physician was finally seeing results and Warner’s bad cholesterol levels began to drop.


Timeout: Take a moment to think about that. It took three different statins to find one that actually worked. It took infusing his body with three different forms of prescription medication before he found one that lowered his blood pressure. Statins work to suppress a substance your body needs to make cholesterol and helps your body reabsorb the cholesterol that has built up in your artery walls. Statins come with a host of side effects, including nausea, muscle and joint aches, diarrhea and constipation, even liver damage and neurological issues. In some cases, switching statins never works to lower cholesterol, in which your doctor will advise adding other medications to combine with the statin.

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The Natural Cholesterol Solution

If you decide to fill that statin prescription, know that you will probably be filling that prescription every month for the rest of your life. Statins don’t lower your cholesterol for good, they lower your cholesterol while you’re taking them. Which means that if you can’t get your high cholesterol down naturally, you will be taking, and paying for, statins for the rest of your life.


Fortunately, there are other options out there for you. Consider our Arginine supplement Cardio Juvenate Plus. Now, we can’t technically claim that it lowers blood pressure or improves cholesterol levels, but we can point you in the direction of our client reviews and testimonials. Check them out, and see how the natural solution for lowering cholesterol might be the perfect solution for you!