I’m sure you’ve heard the exclamation “this job will be the death of me.” Perhaps you’ve even said it yourself. Well, the sad fact of the matter is that when it comes to heart health, that statement might be true. New research is always emerging accounting for heart disease and diet, heart disease and exercise, and heart disease and well-being. Until recently there haven’t been many discussions regarding heart disease and employment, or work-related stress.


New research is beginning to show not only is work-related stress damaging to your heart, the amount of time you spend at work can be equally damaging.blog_Work Related stress and heart disease


Heart Disease and Time at Work

There was an interesting study published recently in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine that found working 61 to 70 hours a week is linked to a 42 percent increased risk for coronary heart disease. That’s a nearly 50% increase over those who work the normal 40 hours a week.


Those who worked 71 to 80 hours a week had a 63 percent increased risk of coronary heart disease and any longer then 80 hours a week had a 94% increased risk for coronary heart disease.


Ironically, the same study found that those who worked less than 30 hours a week had higher blood pressure and higher total cholesterol levels, which, according to the study, represented a higher 10-year-risk of coronary heart disease.


The study did not account for income or home-related stress. So, we can assume that hose working less than 30 hours a week could be as equally stressed about finances as those who work over 60 hours a week.


Heart Disease and Work-Related Stress

Research published in The Lancet recently found that a stressful job with limited opportunities can increase the risk for heart attack by 23 percent. In this study, the researchers did take into account factors such as socioeconomic status, gender, age, and lifestyle. After accounting for these details, they continued to find a 23% higher risk for coronary heart disease for those stressed at work.


Stress at work is particular in that it effects sleep patterns, diet, mood, family relationships, even breathing. And, if you’ve been following the EraseDisease.com blog you know well how detrimental a lack of sleep, a poor diet and a negative attitude can be on your heart.


Overcoming Work-Related Stress

A recent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal found that, even though job stress can increase your risk for coronary heart disease, individuals who maintained a healthy lifestyle cut their risk for heart disease in half. According to the study scientists, “…suggests that a healthy lifestyle could substantially reduce the risk of coronary artery disease risk among people with job strain.”


So, you’re in a horribly stressful job and know in your heart, your very stressed out heart, that heart disease is knocking at your door. Don’t succumb to what seems inevitable – make a change right now with EraseDisease.com and Cardio Juvenate Plus! Eating healthy and exercising is a wonderful way to get your life back! Add to that healthy lifestyle the heart healthy benefits of Cardio Juvenate Plus and you can reduce the damaging effects of work-related stress.