From testosterone medications to blood pressure and cholesterol prescriptions, our fathers and grandfathers are overmedicated and undereducated. We try to keep things positive around here, but it is a sad state of affairs when 7 out of every 10 men and women in this country are on some sort of prescription medication. The good news, many of the reasons for prescription medications can be managed naturally with diet, exercise and lifestyle changes.



Low T, as you’ve probably already heard a few times on commercials today, is an epidemic. Men are being bombarded with tv messages telling them that they have to be ready at all times, and if they’re not ready at all times they are failing. These insane messages are telling men that if they’re feeling tired, fatigued, down and weak they could be suffering from Low T and should speak to their physician immediately.blog_low t


The reality of the situation is that we live in a world where acceptance for being tired, or emotional, or even weak is unacceptable. We need to be at our best game 100 percent of the time. If we had a long day at work, forget about it and be at your best when you get home.


Low T is a medical diagnosis that, yes, could use testosterone medications. But, many times it’s simply diet, exercise and lifestyle changes that need to be made, not another prescription.


Natural Cures for Low T

There are natural solutions for Low T that can make dramatic differences in your life. They include:


Sleep: Studies have shown over the years that a lack of sleep affects hormones in your body. Men who do not get adequate sleep find themselves lacking in the bedroom, simply because their hormone and chemical levels are not functioning properly. Get enough sleep night after night and you will notice changes.


Weight: Men who are overweight or obese have problems with Low T. This is a matter of fact, and so losing some of that weight and committing to a healthier lifestyle can help your body produce more testosterone.


Exercise: Activity cures everything. If you want a natural alternative to prescription medications, consider hitting the gym. There is no easy way to change your life, and exercise is the key to making things happen.


Stress: Stress directly affects your body’s ability to create testosterone. Simply by controlling your stress you will notice changes in the way you feel and the way you perform.


Diet: Your diet, just as your activity levels, determines your life. A poor diet unequivocally equals a poor lifestyle. Change your diet! Consider eating more tuna, drinking more milk, and add more beans to your diet.


Arginine: The key ingredient in our heart healthy drink Cardio Juvenate is arginine, an element that has been shown in studies to improve blood circulation throughout the body. Arginine has also been shown to facilitate healthy performance for men with Low T problems.


Notice Anything

It’s ironic, looking over this list of natural solutions for Low T, how similar the suggestions for increasing testosterone are to the suggestions for lowering blood pressure. Naturally lowering blood pressure involves diet, exercise, lowering stress, getting enough sleep, and keeping a healthy weight.


Change your life today, right now. There is no easy solution for improving your life. You might think that prescription is the simple way, but the side effects and long term effects on your body will prove this wrong. Why would you put something into your body that isn’t all natural?