Menopause is tough for any woman, whether they admit to it or not. Many times it’s not the physical changes that your body endures that makes life tough, it’s the emotional changes that take place that make the day-to-day extremely trying. From exhaustion to overwhelming feelings of guilt, anxiety, sadness and even depression, menopause does a number to our bodies and minds.


Now, we make jokes and post enlightening, funny items directly related to menopause because we do our best to lighten the mood and remain positive here at and on our Menopause Facebook Page. But the reality of the situation is anything but a laughing matter, and, unfortunately, if you’re not laughing enough or sharing your struggles enough with the ones around you, including mom, you are setting yourself up for possible depression.


Menopause and Overwhelming Emotionsblog_menopause and depression

According to, researchers have found that women between the ages of 45 and 64, a period of time that coincides with menopause, have the lowest emotional well-being of any age group or gender in America. So many celebrities and tv personalities would have you believe that 50 is the new 30 and life is better then ever as you move into your 60’s. The reality to millions of women is quite different.


For women within the age range of menopause, life is changing dramatically. On top of the hormonal changes that take place, life at this stage usually involves the departure of children, which can lead to empty nest syndrome, the loss of a family member or a close friend, and or the lack of employment which can bring about a whole host of negative emotions and stresses.


So many scientists and researchers focus on the hormonal, quantifiable changes that take place in association with menopause, but it’s the non-quantifiable emotional changes that impact a woman’s life.


Menopause and a Lack of Knowledge

I don’t want to depress you, but there is just such a lack of knowledge when it comes to menopause that many researchers, physicians and scientists just don’t know understand menopause to the fullest extent.


Physicians know that hormonal changes associated with menopause impact emotions. They also know that estrogen influences the production of serotonin, which is a mood-regulating element. Because menopausal hormone imbalances directly impact the release of serotonin, your mood can change dramatically.


“It feels like I’m going a bit crazy.”

“I wake up each morning with a thousand pound weight on my shoulders.”

“I don’t want to get out of bed.”

“I moody and easily aggravated, especially when those I love are around.”


Physicians around the country hear these complaints and symptoms every single day, and yet there is still no best way to treat menopause. According to the Cleveland Clinic, while there is growing evidence to suggest that hormone therapy can relieve emotional symptoms, HT alone is not effective in treating more severe depression.


So that leaves you with antidepressant drugs, which have horrible side effects, or the more natural alternatives such as yoga, exercise, diet changes, lifestyle changes, and supplements like arginine.


Natural Solutions for Menopause Emotional Symptoms

There are quite a few natural solutions to menopause symptoms, particularly emotional symptoms. Considering the fact that there are a lot of changes taking place in a women’s life at the exact same time that menopause occurs, some of the best ways to beat menopause emotional symptoms is to take a step back.

1. Cut Yourself Some Slack: As women, we are notorious for wanting perfection and doing everything for everyone. We are horrible at taking time out for ourselves. When the kids began to move away, and perhaps you start thinking about retirement, or you’re finding an empty house and unemployment depressing and lonely, realize where you are and the amazing things that have happened in your life to get you here. Cut yourself some slack! You are allowed to have a spa day, or spend the afternoon planting flowers, or turn the boy’s rooms into yoga and art studios.


2. Sleep: Another simple and natural solution for menopausal symptoms is to get enough sleep. Let go of your daily worries, settle in with some sleepy-time tea, and allow yourself some time to relax before bed. Getting enough sleep can do wonders for menopause symptoms.


3. Diet: Diet is another aspect that does wonders for menopause symptoms. Now that you’re only worrying about yourself and your partner, and the kids are out of the house, make it a point to care about your diet. Eat healthy and you’ll feel healthy!


4. Spa, Acupuncture and Yoga: Now that the kids are out of the house, and you don’t have a boss to answer to, take a spa day, or consider yoga and/or acupuncture. Many times, stress is a leading factor contributing to menopause emotional symptoms. Stress, combined with hormonal changes, directly impact your emotions. Do what you can to allow yourself to relax.


5. Supplements: Here at, while we can’t state it as fact, arginine has been shown to help relieve menopause symptoms for many of our clients. In fact, a recent client called it her little ‘fountain of youth’ for it’s abilities to diminish many menopause symptoms. We invite you to give it a try, see if it works for you too!


Menopause is what you make of it, in many cases. Yes, your emotions are completely out of control, and even the experts don’t have all of the answers, but no one knows your body and your emotions better then you. Let yourself unwind, relax, and take advantage of a time when your only responsibility is to yourself.

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