Your heart is a muscle that can get healthier and stronger if you live an active lifestyle. People who are active and do heart healthy exercises regularly can prevent heart disease compared to those who are not active.


Types of Heart Healthy Exercises

Aerobic exercise also known as cardio consists of running, jogging, biking, or some sort of fast paced movement. These heart healthy exercises raise your heart rate and make you breathe harder than normal. However, you should still be able to talk and carry a conversation while doing these exercises. Other heart healthy exercises such as stretching and strength training can help keep your heart healthy and your risks for heart disease down. It is important that before you exercise you stretch, as well as after exercising. This will help keep your muscles from tightening up and feeling sore.blog_exercise for heart health


How Much Should You Exercise?

You can keep your heart healthy by doing a form of heart healthy exercises at least 30 minutes a day minimum for 5 days a week. You can start off by doing a low intensity workout and slowly build up your intensity level up as you go. If you already workout regularly and workout at a high intensity level, you can lower the amount of exercise to 30 minutes a day for 3 times a week.


Be Cautious

If you are normally active and do not have any major health problems then can make a workout plan that works for you and your activity level. However, if you have some health issues that you are concerned will flair up while exercising, you should probably talk with your doctor before creating a workout plan.


Over Doing It

Exercising is good for you and your heart, however you can over do it. Again, if you have not exercised before or your activity level is low, begin your heart healthy exercise slowly and gradually increase. You will want to wait at least an hour to two hours after eating before you exercise. To help you keep track of your heart healthy exercises and your activity levels, keep a record as you go along.


Don’t Give Up

Exercising can be overwhelming and seem more like work than fun. However, you can keep yourself engaged and have fun exercising by changing your workouts and choosing activities that you enjoy. Any activity that raises your heart rate can be considered a form of exercise. Continue to make a list of goals that you want to achieve from your workouts in order to stay motivated and work towards those goals. If you want to make exercising more fun, choose a friend to be your workout buddy.

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