If you’ve been following the EraseDisease.com heart healthy blog, you know by now how important it is to lead a heart healthy life. We do spend a great deal of time promoting our favorite heart supplement – Cardio Juvenate Plus – and the benefits of arginine. But we also like to spend time focusing on the benefits of being happy. The simple, easy, life altering, heart healthy benefits of being happy will change your entire life. The first step is to simply smile!



A smile is powerful, and yet so many of us forget how powerful a smile can be. We tend to lose our innocence and pure joy at an early age, and that innocuous, jubilant smile goes away with it. Sure, it appears in those fleeting moments when we find happiness, but in most situations it’s forced, fake and compulsory.


A smile, a simple smile, can actually be one of the most powerful, and free, health tools you have at your disposal every second of the day.blog_smile for heart health


Studies around the globe have proven the power of a smile, from relieving stress to boosting the immune system. And, of course our favorite topic of discussion here at EraseDisease, a smile can actually lower your blood pressure, thus improving heart health. Let’s really dive into everything you need to know about the power of a smile:


1. Smiling Relieves Stress: A smile not only makes us look more attractive, it can truly reduce your stress levels. Go ahead, smile right now, for no reason. Feel better?


2. Smiling Turns Back the Clock: When we smile, we naturally freshen up our look. When we smile, we no longer look tired, worn down or overwhelmed. We create smile lines instead of those grumpy lines in our forehead.


3. Boost Your Immune System: Studies have shown that smiling can help your immune system better, possibly because you are more relaxed and less stressed, and your body has a chance to keep you healthy.


4. Smiling Releases Endorphins: Studies have also shown that smiling releases endorphins and serotonin. When you smile, your brain is triggered to release chemicals that make you feel wonderful. Smiling can be a natural drug.


5. Lowered Blood Pressure: Of course, one of our favorite reasons to smile here at EraseDisease.com is because of a smile’s ability to lower cholesterol. A recent study at the University of Kansas found that frequent smiling can not only reduce stress and increase endorphins, but can lower blood pressure.



6. Add a Laugh: When you smile, allow yourself to laugh as well. Laughter expands the lungs, replenishing the cells with oxygen and relaxing your body. It’s great for the heart!


When was the last time you truly smiled for no reason other then you were happy? We should be smiling every day of our lives, lightening our moods, taking life less seriously and giving our heart a reason to stay healthy. So go ahead, smile now!


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